Comics are an excellent way for you to get entertained by either reading or watching them. Comic artists always find a unique way to express their ideas through drawings, beautiful fonts, and captivating storylines. These stories are so captivating to the point that first-time readers can quickly turn into avid fans. Moreover, comics always come in different episodes and seasons, so there’s always a lot of material to look forward to.

Many people consider comics as only a kid’s favorite, but this isn’t true. Anyone can follow comics regardless of age. Also, some people have always had a collection of comic books since they were young and don’t look like dropping the love. And if you’re a big fan of comics, you can always take your love to the next level.

Here are some of the ways to do it:

1. Create Your Comic Novel

Create your own comic book

After several years of following your favorite comics, it might be the right time for you to make your own.  If you’re wondering how to make a graphic novel, it’s pretty simple. First, you can start by brainstorming how your story will go. You can do this by finding inspiration from other comics. Next, roughly put down the ideas on paper, using a mix of drawing and writing storylines.

When you’ve outlined your ideas, you can then design your comic. This includes drawing, inking, and linking words with images. Ensure that the layout is perfect and the ideas and dialogues flow correctly. You can always look back, review, and edit some parts of your comics. And when you’re ready, you could publish it.

2. Organize A Comic-Inspired Event

You and your fellow comic lovers can agree to create a comic-inspired event. For example, the event could be a charity aimed at helping an organization or a competition where people win prizes such as comic novels and t-shirts.

The event can also attract all groups of comic lovers, and you can ask them to either come with a comic novel or buy one as a requirement for admission. The money raised can then be used for charity and other meaningful activities. Moreover, if your favorite comics have a video game counterpart, you can play them with other fans in the event. This provides a variety of activities during the event, and may even attract more attendees.

3. Be A Comic Collector

Be a comic collector

You can start by collecting comic books, paintings of characters, and carvings. You can then create a room or a cabinet in your home where you’ll keep all these collections. This will change the theme of your room to be mainly comic-inspired.

Imagine a case where people walk into your room and find a collection from way back in the days to the most recent ones. If that isn’t proof of taking your love for comics to a whole new level, then nothing can be. So, ensure that you collect every copy, including limited-edition merchandise you can find.

4. Create Custom Merchandise

Comic merchandise includes stuff like capes, t-shirts, and sweaters. This merch always has the logo of a comic or the pictures of comic characters printed on them. You can custom-make t-shirts and other items with photos or graphics of your favorite comic characters. You can then use these personally to show your love for the comics.

While this may present an economic opportunity, you must be careful about selling your custom-made merch to others. The creators of these comics still own the Intellectual Property rights of their work, so you might be at risk of committing copyright and trademark infringement once you intend to make money off your custom merch.

5. Connect With Other Enthusiasts And Comic Lovers

You’re not the only one who loves comics. You can meet people around your area who are interested in comic stories, exchange novels, and are willing to discuss stories together.

In addition, you can use social media to make friends. Create group pages and forums specifically for comics enthusiasts and invite them to join you. You can use these groups to update each other on the latest series, buy, sell, or exchange comics and merch, or discuss different characters. You’ll end up having friends who have a common interest as you and you may even get to improve your comic collection!


Comics keep people engaged and entertained every time. The more you read them, the more you’ll love and appreciate the characters, plots, and lore. So take your love of comics to the next level by connecting with fellow comic lovers, creating and participating in events, creating merchandise, or drafting your very own comics!