It’s no surprise romance books are the biggest genre.  With so many settings, almost every book can be a romance (even Harry Potter. Well, maybe not).

Our fascination with other times and cultures is well suited to a romance story. The social interaction, manners and cultural constraints between characters key to the historical romance books success.

TMI? Just looking for good historical romance books? Then Read On.

1. Texas Destiny – Lorraine Heath

historical romance books - Texas Destinyhistorical romance books
Book 1 of 3. Being a mail order bride is no glamorous life. When Amelia Carson is bought by Dallas Leigh, a strange man in Fort Worth, she could have never imaged that she would find love. No less with her husband’s brother. Texas Destiny explores the devastation of the civil war, the blossoming of love and how people are what not what you expect. Amelia would never have thought she would fall in love with Houston; a man badly scared, and one-eyed. Texas Destiny is part of a trilogy that follows the Leigh brothers in their quest for love.

2. The Serpent Garden – Judith Merkle Riley

historical romance books - The Serpent Gardenhistorical romance books
When you mix the Court of Henry VIII with mystery, the supernatural and romance, there is no doubt that you are in for a thrill. The Serpent Garden follows the adventures of Susanna Dallet, an intelligent and resourceful woman who gets a job as a portrait painter in the infamous court. She gets caught up in the wonder, the scandals, the romance and a battle with bloodthirsty demons. Can a woman navigate all that and find real love? This is truly a crossing of genres and the historical details twisted with the supernatural will have you trying to separate fact from fiction.

3. The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie – Jennifer Ashely

historical romance books - Madness of Lord Ian Mackenziehistorical romance books
Falling in love with a mysterious man is nothing new in romance novels. Falling in love with a mad man is. In The Madness of Lord Ian, Mackenzie Beth Ackerley can’t help but fall in love with the Scottish nobleman, who society has labelled as crazy. She is a window, a woman with a boring life who suddenly finds herself in a lustful relationship with a mad man. Could she be mad herself? This novel is one of dark love, of people taking what they want and of listening to your heart. This is another great novel by the award-winning Jennifer Ashley and forms part of her Mackenzie series. Book 1 of 8.

4. Slightly Married – Mary Balogh

historical romance books - Slightly Marriedhistorical romance books
Being marriage-shy is not a trait most noble men have. That is noblemen in the Bedwyn’s family. When Aiden Bedwyn promises to fulfill the dying wish of a soldier, he would have never imaged the problems of the heart and mind it would bring. Slightly Married not only follows Aiden in his quest to protect a woman but also treats us to the social affairs and naughty dalliances of the Bedwyn family. Will Aiden’s marriage proposal to the headstrong Eve be nothing more than a business transaction or will there something more for the two?

5. Ravished – Amanda Quick

historical romance books - Ravishedhistorical romance books
This Beauty and the Beast like story will have you enthralled from beginning to end. We meet Harriet Pomeroy, a lady with one quest in mind, to find herself a man. A man who can protect her and her property from thieves. Her plan may have backfired when she learns her ‘savior’ is a terrifying looking Gideon Westbrook, a viscount with a strange past and a scarred face. Will the man that is called ‘the devil’ be what she is looking for or will he ultimately be more? Ravished is about more than falling in love with the beast, it is about love’s triumph over all sorts of trials.

6. The Duke and I – Julia Quinn

historical romance books - The Duke and Ihistorical romance books
Not all marriages are based on love. Some are shams. The Duke and I follows Daphne Bridgerton and her fiancé Simon Basset as they try and outwit London society. She is nearly too old to marry, and he is afraid of being tied to some snobbish upper-class lady. So, they have decided to get married, because it just makes sense. What started out as a mutually beneficial agreement may be turning into love. Will the two finally realize that their marriage plans may be based on real love rather than necessity? Julia Quinn is the #1 Author on the Amazon list of Best Romance Novels sold for Kindles. And this is just Book 1 of 9 too.

7. The Duchess War – Courtney Milan

historical romance books - The Duchess Warhistorical romance books
Miss Minerva Lane is happy to be a wallflower. She hates being the center of attention and knows how badly it can end when all eyes are on you. Trying to escape her scandalous past is no easy task when a handsome duke tempts her. Can she remain in the background or will her cunning ways return to her? The Duchess Wars gives us a strong female character who quietly knows how to play a man to her advantage. Not all wallflowers are tame and timid, and Minerva is set to uncover Robert Blaisdell’s secrets. She has to, or he will expose hers. Tension and romance intertwine in this clever plot. Book 1 of 4.

8. A Rogue by Any Other Name – Sarah Maclean

historical romance books - A Rogue by Any Other Namehistorical romance books
It is not easy for a man of wealth to suddenly find himself as an underground gambling man. The Marquess of Bourne wants to be back on top and marrying the prim, and proper Lady Penelope Marbury may be the way to get there. However, it may not be that simple when Penelope’s lust and curiosity of the underworld seem to be tempting her deeper. Can he now protect the woman who was supposed to be his saviour? And can her sexual awakening be stopped? A Rogue by Any Other Name is the 1st in The Rules of Scoundrel Series.

9. Flowers from the Storm – Laura Kinsale

historical romance books - Flowers from the Stormhistorical romance books
When you pair up a handsome but debaucherous Duke with the timid daughter of a mathematician you know there is bound to be trouble. Called by many the ‘best historical romance novel ever, Flowers from the Storm is full of twists and turns. When the Duke ( Christian Langland) suffers an accident that leaves him without his speech, it is the once timid Maddy that comes to his aid. Can she fall in love with a man she once despised? Or are the two just too different?This is truly a touchy story about disability, love and how we can all turn a new leaf.

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