The dystopian genre powers on with more directors lining up to make movies of some excellent books.

Try these Top 5  Dystopian Stories for a different perspective on life as well as entertainment. It contains several of our absolute favorites.

1. Wool – Hugh Howey

Part of the Silo series, this book is a rare gem in dystopian sci-fi. Howey shows a knack for creating well-rounded, believable characters that readers can empathize with and root for. The storytelling is also nothing short of exceptional; the plot keeps building up and will keep you on your toes, turning the pages to see how things will unfold. With more dystopian stories getting film adaptations, Wool is one of those books that you will wish actually gets made by a film studio someday soon.
Dystopian Stories

2. Uglies: Uglies; Pretties; Specials; Extras – Scott Westerfeld

Dystopian Stories

Imagine a world where one’s quality of life relies on being beautiful, and all children are born ugly, until they turn 16 year-old and are given plastic surgery as an initiation rite. This is the premise of Westerfeld’s dystopian trilogy (plus). As the first book of the trilogy, Uglies introduces a solidly constructed setting, so readers understand how the world got to where it is.  As the series develops the pitfalls of social media are explored, along with the boundaries of controlling society.  How far can you?  Oh, and you will want a hoverboard too.  A firm favorite dystopian story series.

3. The Host: A Novel – Stephanie Meyer

Dystopian Stories

Forget Twilight. It would not be fair to compare The Host to Meyer’s highly popular teen girl-meets-vampire series. And forget the film which did not do this book any justice either. The novel is well-paced, balancing quieter moments where one can get to know the characters better with action sequences. The idea of aliens inhabiting human bodies may or may not be your cup or tea – same goes for sparkling vampires – but this is definitely a book worth giving a chance. Meyer may not be the next big name in genre fiction, but she does deserve credit for showing growth as a writer. One of our favorite books.

4. The Windup Girl – Paolo Bacigalupi

Dystopian Stories

Rarely is there a book that comes along with such originality that one would practically beg for a sequel. The Windup girl is set in the bleakest of bleak futures; in a world where petroleum-powered technology is scarce, solar tech is non-existent, and power is generated by human labor with calories as currency. What makes The Windup Girl a worthwhile read is that it explores the theme of humanity. Perhaps the simple takeaway message here is that we all have the power to make defining choices, no matter how depressing the state of the world seems to be.

5. Obernewtyn: The Obernewtyn Chronicles 1 – Isobelle Carmody

Dystopian Stories

As the first book of the series The Obernewtyn Chronicles, Obernewtyn introduces readers to Carmody’s intriguing post-apocalyptic world and the main character, Elspeth. Like most introductory books, it starts off on the slower side so readers can familiarize themselves with the setting. But keep on reading, because a lot of excitement, action and adventure do eventually follow. If you are looking for a longer series with a story that expands beyond the typical trilogy, the Obernewtyn Chronicles may just be what you are looking for.