Spring is in the air. Love is in the Air. Hot romance is definitely in the air.

Enjoy some exciting hot romance books this spring.

1. Mount! – Jilly Cooper

Hot Romances Book - Mount!
Rupert puts aside his obsession for Love Rat, his prized stallion, when Gala, a Zimbabwean widow who is taking care of his father, enters the picture. Mount! has many themes that keep you glued to the pages. There is the horse racing aspect that opens the door to a world that not many are familiar with. There is the family saga dynamic that is interesting and full of drama. But the most enthralling aspect is the love story between Rupert and Gala, sprinkled with steamy sex scenes.

2. Bared to You – Sylvia Day

Hot Romances Book - Bared to you
Eva is a gorgeous, wealthy, independent woman who is trying to discover herself in New York. Gideon Cross is a sexy, controlling and interesting man who catches Eva’s eye. Even though they have their own demons to fight, they start an electric relationship.

Sylvia Day writes a sexy romance with BDSM elements that keeps you glued to the pages. The characters are well developed and, in some way, you can relate to them. They both have backstories and their actions are consistent with their stories. The sex scenes are steamy, hot and really well written. Bared to You is a must read for all who enjoy reading about complicated relationships full of hot sex.

3. Destined to Play – Indigo Bloome

Hot Romances Book - Destined to Play
Would you give up yourself to someone for 48 hours? This is the premise of this book. Dr. Alexandra Blake is a respected and successful doctor. She is happy with her life as it is. But when Jeremy Quinn, an ex-lover of hers, reenters her life with a provocative challenge: to give up her control to him for 48 hours.

Destined to Play is about broadening your horizon and accepting alternative lifestyles. If you want to read a hot romance with true BDSM element, this is the book for you. It explores the submission part of this alternative lifestyle with realism while being kinky, sexy and steamy. And safe.

4. Hardwired – Meredith Wild

Hot Romances Book - Hard Love
Erika Hathaway has worked hard to accomplish everything. Blake London is a rumored hacker and an investor in Erika’s company. There is an undeniable attraction between the two and Erika has to figure out how to balance the responsibility and love. Blake is determined to earn her confidence, but everything blows in the wind when he discovers a secret form Erika’s past.
Hardwired is love story like a roller-coaster, with ups and downs, turn and twists that keep you glued to the pages. The sex scenes are hot, sexy and beautifully described.

5. The Juliette Society – Sasha Grey

Hot Romances Book - Juliette Society
The Juliette Society is a private sex society where everything is permitted. Catherine is a film student who is exploring her sexuality. When she discovers The Juliette Society she has an opportunity to explore her darkest fantasies and begins an adventure full of pleasure that threatens the life she knew.

The Juliette Society is an uncommon coming of age novel, as it follows Catherine discovering herself through her sexuality, with the help of Jack, the male protagonist. The narrative is amazing and the characters are well structured. The sex scenes, that are pivotal to the Catherine’s, development are raw, steamy and racy.

6. Fire After Dark – Sadie Matthews

Hot Romances Book - Fire After Dark
Fire After Dark will take you on an intense adventure along with Beth and Dominic. Beth is an innocent country girl who stalks Dominic to a private sex club. They go to dates to get to know each other, and as the story progresses they fall in love. But Dominic is a dom and Beth is not so well versed in bed.
The intense love story and the passionate sex scenes make this novel a page turner. Dominic is like a dream man come true. He is patient and loving to the young Beth. He cares for her needs and introduces her to his world with gentleness and tries to accommodate her into his life. This hot romance novel continues past where 50 Shades of Grey left off.

7. Gabriel’s Inferno – Sylvain Reynard

Hot Romances Book - Gabriel's Inferno
Gabriel Emerson is a tortured Dante specialist and professor who is looking for his Beatrice. Julia Mitchell, innocent and chaste, is a student who enrolls for his course. She is drowned by his mysterious demeanor, but Gabriel tries to keep her at arm’s length because the walls he has put up might crumble.

Gabriel’s Inferno is a steamy and dangerous romance between two opposites. If you like teacher – student hot romances or you were in love with one of your teachers this is the book for you. This is a captivating love story with a sinful side and characters that you will like from the first words.

7.Fury on Fire – Sophie Jordan

Hot Romances Book - Fury On Fire
This romance book is an unusual boy next door story. North Callagham is an ex-con and tries to run from his problems by working day and night. Faith, his neighbor, is the type of woman who needs a man on whom she can count on. But she finds the grumpy and impolite man that lives next door sexy.

This is a slow romance and the book doesn’t put you in the middle of it. There isn’t instant lust between the characters and this gives you time to savor what is happening between them. The steamy scenes are passionate and hot. Follow as good girl Faith falls in love with her dangerous man next door, North.

8. Complete Me – J. Kenner

Hot Romances Book - Complete Me
What do you do when the man that fills your void is an arrogant, impossible, domineering man? Nikki Fairchild, a southern belle, tries to answer this question, while slowly falling in love with Damien Stark, a man who doesn’t take no for an answer. They both have been wounded in the past and now they try to accommodate each other while protecting themselves from the other, so they won’t get hurt again.

A smoldering hot romance with BDSM elements and raw characters that are perfect for each other. This is a fast paced novel that may have you looking at your other half with new eyes.

9. On Dublin Street – Samantha Young

Hot Romances Book - On Dublin Street
Jocelyn Butler runs from her tumultuous past in Scotland, to an apartment on Dublin Street, where she starts a new life without attachments. Her life is peaceful and calm until she meets Braden Carmichael, her flat mate’s brother. Braden is determined to bring the beautiful Jocelyn into his bed, so he proposes something she can’t refuse. But a night of steamy sex is not enough for Braden and discovers that he wants more.
This is a slow burning but hot romance with passionate, lustful sex and independent well written characters you can fall in love with. The pacing is fast and the Scottish surroundings bring a plus of beauty to this already amazing narrative.