Lonely Planet is the world’s most successful travel publisher and the number one travel guidebook brand in Australia, the UK and the US. Here are the 6 Best Selling Lonely Planet Travel Guides of All Time.

6 Best Selling Lonely Planet Travel Guides of All Time

1. Lonely Planet Vietnam – Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Guides are usually quite informative and the newest Vietnam guide is no exception. Updated info and new sections make this one worth purchasing even if you have earlier editions.

2. Lonely Planet Pocket New York City – Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet

This is a really informative, useful book and an excellent introduction to a vibrant, high-energy city.

3. Lonely Planet Pocket Paris – Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Pocket Paris by Ashley Parsons

This guidebook is perfect for somebody that wants to see all the key sights in Paris. It hits all the high points, all the critical attractions that every tourist will want to see. It describes those sights in just enough detail to entice visits, but not give away the discovery of something new.





4. Lonely Planet Discover Europe – Lonely Planet

lonely planet

This book includes information on sights to see, local events, hotels, cafes, restaurants, street maps, addresses, telephone numbers, web sites, shopping, museums, and many other items of interest.

5. Pocket London – Lonely Planet

lonely planet

London has so much to offer. While this book does not begin to cover everything you might like to know about London, it does a very good job on giving you the highlights. It would be best for a first visit to London.

6. USA – Lonely Planet

lonely planet

Trying to jam information about visiting a country as large and diverse as the USA into a single guidebook is a formidable task. Inevitably there will be things left out and people will wonder why the editors picked some attractions while skipping over others. Lonely Planet did a commendable job of providing an overview of the United States, with enough detail to help a person planning a trip know the best spots to go.