We all like a bit of romance in our lives. So military sexy novels with romance, suspense and bit of erotica has to be even better. Surely.

Join with us in trying these sexy novels in the military flavor each part of a series that will titillate you for hours.  (If vampires are more your thing, we completely understand and suggest you try this list instead.)

5 of the Best Military Sexy Novels

1. Mine To Take (volume 1)– Cynthia Eden

military sexy novelsmilitary sexy novels
If you are a fan of Cynthia Eden or just someone who likes a little dark romance, then Mine To Take is for you. The novel follows Skye and her mysterious stalker. With haunting characters like ex-military Trace Weston, there is sexual tension, dark passion, and suspense across every page. Eden is the queen of writing strong alpha males and Trace is no exception. He takes what he wants. This novel pushes the boundaries of lust and obsession and makes you care for Skye while secretly wanting Trace to yourself. Overall, Mine To Take takes you on a journey full of all the saucy twists and will have you holding onto your bedsheets for all sorts of reasons.  Better yet, it is the first in a successful series so you read on!

2. The Darkest Hour (A KGI novel) – Maya Banks

military sexy novelsmilitary sexy novels
The Darkest Hour is one of those gritty novels you can’t help but love. It has everything from drug cartels, memory loss, sex and all-around mystery. Ethan Kelly, the sexy ex-navy seal has to deal with what he thought was his wife’s death. The action sequences are beautifully mirrored with quite family ones; making it no ordinary erotica. Bank’s tries to make us understand Rachel and Ethan’s emotional dilemmas while giving us the hot sex you expect from her. While there are a lot of characters to wrap your head around the story is exciting enough that you get absorbed into all the action. The Darkest Hour is part of the KGI series of 10 books..

3. The Arrow – Monica McCarthy

military sexy novelsmilitary sexy novels
There is nothing like mixing historical romance with handsome Scottish Highlanders. Monica McCarthy does it so well with this 9th instalment of her Highland Guard series. In this novel, we get the chance to see Gregory MacGregor take on both battles and the affections of the orphan he saved five years ago: Cate Lochmaben. Cate is now a strong woman and she wants the hunky archer who saved her as a girl. The novel is full of battles, strong female and male characters and steamy romance while remaining historically accurate. McCarthy ensures that every part of this novel is well paced and that you are either screaming for Gregory to win in a battle or at how he is too blind to see what a great woman Cate is.

4. Captured – Jasinda Wilder and Jack Wilder

military sexy novelsmilitary sexy novels
Love in the time of war is hard. Jasinda and Jack Wilder give us an emotional recount of a couple trying to reconnect after war. What makes this book such a good read is that it combines steamy sex with real emotions. It’s a feeling roller-coaster from beginning to end. Told through the points of view of both Derek and Reagan we learn about how horrible war is and what it means to really connect again. Jasinda and Jack are a formidable team and in Captured, they take you on a journey into the minds of two fractured people who ultimately heal.

5. A Cold Dark Place – Toni Anderson

military sexy novelsmilitary sexy novels
If the idea of betrayal, secret agents, and passionate sex gets you hot under the collar A Cold Dark Place is perfect. The story follows a hunky Alex Parker, an ex- CIA assassin who falls in love with possibly the “wrong girl” – an FBI agent.  Toni Anderson gives us all the action that you could want and teams it up a passionate relationship. I was biting my nails through this. The relationship between Alex and the Mallory is very believable and the trails that Alex needs to go though in order to win her are heart wrenching. Make sure to add these military sexy novels (series) to your collection; you won’t regret it.