As the days get shorter and colder, the nights get longer and the temptation to curl up with a good book gets stronger. Curling up with the first book in a series is even better as it has the promise of a lot more fun to come.

These 7 sexy novels feature vampires of all types. No sparkling Twilight nerds here. Strong characters and interesting world building make these stories more than just an erotic romance novel for lonely hearts.  Read aloud to your partner for best results.

7 Sexy Novels – vampire style…

1. Dark Lover – JR Ward

7 Sexy Novels

The first exciting and sexy novel in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series! A beautiful girl is growing into something dark and hungry. Her body is changing. A dark and fanged man is needed to guide her into the new world of sex and blood she’s destined to be a part of.  The first novel of an ongoing series that’s fun, erotic, and just a little dark in places.

2. Interview with the Vampire – Anne Rice

7 Sexy Novels

When you’re over 200 years old your life story is bound to be a good one. This classic sexy novel was adapted into a major Hollywood film starring Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Kirsten Dunst. So what is the story of Louis du Pointe du Lac, and who did he love? This is one of the classics.

3. Dead Until Dark – Charlaine Harris

7 Sexy Novels

Telepathy, hypnosis, addictive vampire blood… a small-town in Louisiana just got interesting. Check out this mysterious and humorous novel that started the HBO television series, True Blood.

4. Samson’s Lovely Mortal – Tina Folsom

7 Sexy Novels

Vampire romance? Yes. Heavy sex? Oh yeah. A sense of humor? Absolutely. A lovely story with great leads and fun characters. Scanguards Vampires series.

5. Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton

7 Sexy Novels

Book 1 in Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series.

Anita Blake executes vampires. That is her job as a US Marshal. Her life gets real wild when she starts falling in love with these “monsters.” Supernatural powers, mysteries, sex. It’s all there. Plus, how can you ignore novels with titles like, Danse Macabre and Cerulean Sins?

6. Night Pleasures – Sherrilyn Kenyon

7 Sexy Novels

Amanda is just an ordinary everyday accountant who finds herself handcuffed to a sexy and powerful vampire who’s lived since ancient times. They’re also both being hunted by an even more powerful vampire with dark intentions for the human race. Will they fall in love and save the world? Find out in this exciting series.

Ed: This book is sometimes listed as Book 2 of the Dark Hunter series. Sherrilyn Kenyon lists it as the first to read in the series on her author page.

7. Some Girls Bite – Chloe Neil

7 Sexy Novels

Chicagoland Vampires Series Book #1

Sometimes college girls get attacked by vampires. These things happen in Chicago. Now a sexy book worm is forced to be a bad ass. This one has a kick-ass heroine you’ll both admire and fall in love with.