Celebrate Valentines Day with a romance book for two.  WhyToRead brings you lists of romantic novels from the historic, the fantasy and through to the (a little bit) naughty.  And dont miss our list of the Greatest Love Stories of All Time too.  Perfect reading for Valentines Day.

Originating in Ancient Roman days, with the Feast of Lupercalia, Valentines day has come a long way. It originally involved sacrificing  goats and dogs and whipping women with these hides to make them fertile.  Yes, the women apparently volunteered.

But actual the name came later – when Emperor Claudius II executed (Mr) Valentine on February the 14th. Twice.  That’s two different (Mr) Valentines, two executions and two Feb 14th’s.   Now we honor their martyrdom courtesy of the Catholic Church with St Valentines Day.

Some time later, another Emperor merged the two for the ‘best’ of both worlds.

So historically Valentines Day, aka Feast of Lupercalia, is a day of fertility, love and sacrifice.

For you and your sweet valentine  – herewith a list of our Best Romance Book Lists so you can pick and choose something to read together.  Just dont sacrifice the book or beat any women with it. Please.

Valentine’s Day Romance Book Lists

Valentine Romance Book List
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