5 Top Books For Students: How To Motivate Yourself To Write Essays

Seeking lasting motivation is the first thing you should do when beginning to write an essay that you don’t feel strongly about.

Every groundbreaking discovery begins with great motivation. Do you think that Elon Musk would have launched his Roadster and sent it in space if he had no passion for technologies? Or would J.K Rowling write the masterpiece book that is being read all over the world if not for motivation to do so?

The lack of the motivation for writing essays from students is the reason why they turn to sly techniques like plagiarizing or writing messages to professional writers like: ‘write my essay’ to have their papers written from scratch.

For college students, it can be difficult to find this motivation. Which is why we have prepared a list of uplifting books that are able to boost your desire and revive your love for writing.

5 Books To Motivate Academic Essay Writing

Books are the taste of homeliness in this world and it is probably the easiest way to motivate yourself by immersing yourself in a really nice book. Authors of books really matter here. Because good authors that are successful in their work, always make you want to write better and succeed.

So, here they are the 5 top books for students who struggle with essay writing.

1. GCSE English Writing Skills Study Guide

The word ‘guide’ in the title is already a good sign. Infact this book is an excellent aid for beginner high school students who lack experience but are willing to be taught.

Writing non-fiction, thinking and describing other authors’ work is only a small part of the skills you will acquire thanks to this guide.

This guide also provides to-the-point explanations in simple English so we recommend it for the use of international students, teenagers and students who want to learn essay writing from zero.

2. Several Short Sentences About Writing by Verlyn Klinkenborg

Among the ‘right’ books that should teach you to write like a 60-year old Noble prize winner, we have decided to put this one as number two for several reasons.

First of all, it never aims to teach you things like this because it is fairly impossible.

Secondly, because it is from here where you will be able to take valuable lessons about creativity. This book is a resource that also teaches students not to be afraid of words but use them as important elements of a chain. As each of them has the great power of influence.

3. 100 Ways to Improve Your Writing (1985)

If you’re wondering why we have included such a dated book in this list, we have done it deliberately.

As you know, there are classics not influenced by time or fashion, and this guide belongs here as well. This top book for students covers wonderful examples and very simply formulated rules so that both beginners and professionals could find something to add to their knowledge.

Read it if you’re especially whimsical! Out of one hundred ways, you must certainly find something fitting your personality or learning style!

4. The Oxford Book of Essays by John Gross

If you have ever dreamt of getting the glimpse of this high Oxford or Cambridge world, now you have got this opportunity.

This is the whole encyclopedia covering more than 140 essays on different relevant topics, meeting the highest standards and being great models to follow. This book is indeed what is called ‘classy’ and a definite must have top book for students.

5. On Writing Well by William Zinsser

For pupils and students who long for more contemporary and engaging guides to get better at writing, here is the perfect one.

It’s not that all other books are outdated. All of them have a special ‘raisin’,but this one sets as the main goal to make both your speech and writing exquisite, powerful and more refined.

Being easy to read and understand, this guide can take your ‘wording’ to the higher heights if you are persistent enough and if you only let it teach you.

You can find more books which will motivate yourself to write more. We hope that this list of top books for students will help you rethink your attitudes to writing.

But keep in mind that everything depends on you – will you let these sources shape you as an essay writer? By letting this happen, you are sure to become a more seasoned and interesting author regardless of which writing genre or sphere you work in.

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