Books that teach how to improve students knowledge acquisition are unique because they’re essentially teaching readers to learn ‘how to learn’.

Since we learn differently, there are many books on this topic. These books have a lot of information and interesting concepts on how to have more fruitful study sessions.

Being an effective learner will make you an asset in all fields of work. If you want that, check out this list of the best knowledge acquisition books.

1. Accelerated Learning Techniques For Students: Learn More In Less Time by Joe McCullough

The main focus of this book is to help students master any skill or subject faster than they would on their own. The book will help you achieve this by providing you with applicable tips that’ll help you get better at processing and communicating new information.

This book will also help you to recognize things that could be preventing you from making full use of your preexisting knowledge acquisition skills. It also has tips that’ll help you cultivate better note-taking techniques. So if you’re looking for must-read books for students, make sure you this title to your list.

2. Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning by Peter C. Brown

This book reveals the latest research that’s available on learning and it focuses on how learning is a skill that we can all get. The book also challenges some of the oldest and most common misconceptions that we’ve had about what makes learning techniques effective in academia.

Two of this book’s authors are cognitive scientists who’ve been studying people’s memory systems with a focus on how people learn. With the help of a professional writer, Peter C. Brown, these scientists share information on how repetition, reflection and calibration can help you attain more knowledge.

3. Novice To Expert: 6 Steps To Learn Anything, Increase Your Knowledge And Master New Skills by S J. Scott

This publication is one of the best knowledge books you’ll find, that’s because it goes beyond providing you with tips on how to be a better learner.

The book will also help you to stay passionate about your studies, know yourself better and identify like-minded people to share your knowledge with.

Reading this book will help you identify a learning style that’s most suitable to you; it’ll also teach you how to make learning come naturally to you.

4. Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain: How A New Science Reveals Our Extraordinary Potential To Transform Ourselves by Sharon Begley

If you’re looking for scientific books to better yourself, this book has lots of information that’s based on research made on neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change).

The research that forms the basis of this book also reveals interesting information about the brain’s capacity for neurogenesis (the brain’s ability to create new neurons).

5. How We Learn: The Surprising Truth About When, Where, And Why It Happens by Benedict Carey

This book encourages readers to look at their brains as a machine that can get affected by internal and external factors and not just as a muscle. For example, if you type and search “service to write my assignment online” you will see how popular EduBirdie is among the students. You will find reviews around it on how online writers can help you with thesis, dissertation and essay writing work.

So, now, getting your search results quickly will depend on how powerful your computer is (internal factor), and a good internet connection (external factor). Reading this book will give you more insight on how to create environments that’ll be suitable for learning.

6. The First 20 Hours: How To Learn Anything….Fast! by Josh Kaufman

Contrary to popular opinion, this book will teach you how to master a skill in 20 hours instead of the universally accepted 10,000 hours. Reading this book will provide you with a system that’ll teach you how to master anything by deliberately practicing it in a certain way for 20 hours.

The best part about this book is the technique used by the author to learn how to program an app and to learn how to play a musical instrument.

Studying can feel like a waste of time if you aren’t gaining anything from the material that you’re required to understand. However, these books contain valuable information that’ll help you get over this problem or enable you to get the most out of your studying if you’re already doing great.

These books won’t just show you how to improve students knowledge acquisition. They’ll also show you pitfalls could be preventing you from getting the knowledge you need so you can avoid them in the future.

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