Skim and Scan Reading Techniques To Read Scholarly Articles Quicker

If there is a lot of stuff for you to read and you need to go through it all, then it is better to go for speed reading. It is the technique that improves one’s ability to read bulk words in a limited time.

There are two strategies regarding speed reading which are mostly adopted by the students who are researching scholarly articles. Which are skim and scan reading techniques. Scan reading is the method to read text quickly in order to find specific information. For instance, if you are looking for names or figures, then you will scan through the text. Whereas skim reading is to read quickly to absorb the general idea.

Skim And Scan Reading Techniques Explained

If you know how to skim and scan read through the text, then you are a flexible reader and this ability can help you to get numerous tasks done well before time. Students who are struggling with the literature review writing need to learn these techniques as it helps them to grasp relevant information in a minimal amount of time.

There are also cases when improving your reading strategies that there is not enough time to complete your paper. Then it may be better to look into a literature review writing service who can write for you and save yourself from extra pressure and stress. The internet is an amazing place and here you can find professonal help that can help you in this manner.

How To Use The Skim Read Technique

Once you have figured out the list of articles that can add value to your knowledge and work, look for the main idea in each of those articles. By using the skim reading technique you can read more in less time and stick to main idea of the text. Here’s an example of where this technique would work:

For instance, if you have an assignment due regarding a book review in a week and you didn’t get the chance to read that book, then in an ideal case scenario you will skim read through the book. While working on your review, you have to decide what sections to read and what to leave out. It is important to read the first paragraph so that you get the idea of what kind of information you can expect from the book. Once you understand the topic, read the first sentence of every paragraph and you can get the idea where it will be heading. Finally, read the last paragraph in detail as it will have the whole crux or summary of the book.

How To Use The Scan Read Technique

Scan reading is another technique that can help you to maximize your reading in limited time while achieving your scholarly tasks. Unlike skimming, with scanning, you are looking for specific information without going through the whole article.

To get the desirable results through scan reading, you need to understand how the material is structured so that you can easily locate the piece of information which is relevant to you. If you are in a hurry, then it allows you to find details and information much quicker.

Using your hands and fingers can make this process a lot easier too. It helps you to stay focused while scanning through the content. It also enhances your peripheral vision. Once you point your finger, you can also read the text much faster. Your eyes work best in this way to search for the information you need. This reading technique does need practice to become adept at it.

Recommended Skim and Scan Reading Books

In Conclusion

With the skim and scan reading techniques explained above, it is now time to put them into practice. Everyone should search out for ways which can help you to learn new techniques and skills. Consider getting your regular assignments or tasks done with some external help while you focus on becoming a better version of yourself. You are only responsible for your own growth and now there numerous tools and courses available online which can help you to incorporate something new and worthy to your skillset.

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