There are so many genres included in the general category of ‘Romance’ books.  We very are confident you will find something to enjoy reading these reviews of the awarding winning books in the 2017 RITA Awards by the Romance Writers of America. The award is named after their first president, Rita Clay Estrada – its not an acronym after all.

To help you choose some exciting, fun or just cuddly romance books to read, we review the second half of the awards for you.

Winning Romance Writers books – part 2

Best Mainstream Fiction with a Central Romance: The Moon in the Palace – Weina Dai Randel

Historical Romance fiction
Mei is intelligent and curious and because of that, she is an outcast among the Emperor’s concubines. But those are the qualities that that draw his attention to Mei. The Emperor’s choice in consort divides the palace, and culminates with a battle that has Mei in the middle.

This beautiful romance is set in the 7th century China, during the Tang Dynasty. The stunning historical detail the author has put into the book is breathtaking. The characters are well developed, realistic and you can easily fall in love with them. The love story will keep you glued to the pages, and the placement and court’s description will make you believe that you visited China in the 7th century. The Moon in the Palace has also semi-finaled in Goodreads Choice Award for “Best Historical Fiction”, nominee for RT Book Reviewers Choice ” Best First Historical” and many other mentions. Add it to your reading list today.

Best Paranormal Romance: The Pages of the Mind – Jeffe Kennedy

Paranormal Romance books
Dafne Mailloux is a librarian. When magic breaks out and the shapeshifters claim their territory, the High Queen entrusts Dafne to deal with the problems in the northern kingdom. But her journey takes her into the arms of Nakola, a barbarian king. He doesn’t speak any language she knows, and he enslaves Dafne through magic. Now, as a slave, Dafne has to use her skills to fight magic in order to save the kingdom.

Jeffe Kennedy writes a paranormal romance different from what we are used to. Dafne is not the kick-ass heroine this genre has used us to. She starts as a scribe, an advisor to the queen and develops into this independent and confident woman. Nakola, on the other hand, is the dominant male you might expect him to be. The magic system is amazing and it plays a very important role in this book. I loved this book because of the thought the author put into the characters and the setting. Best of all, it is the start of a new series by this talented author.

Best Romance Novella: Her Every Wish – Courtney Milan

Romance Novella
(Warning, this is book 2 of the Worth Saga….)
Daisy needs a wealthy man in her life. Her mother is sick, her father is dead and her money is running out. The Christmas charity banquet held by the local parish is the place where she hopes to find a husband. But fate has other plans as it pairs Daisy again with Crash, the man she left when she learned what he did to earn his wealth.

The love story between Daisy and Crash is a roller coaster of emotions. The both love each other, but they need to accept who they are. Courtney Milan has created strong, intelligent and independent characters for Her Every Wish. The plot may seem simple, but it will keep you glued to the pages. And as a novella, it is shorter than the average novel if you want a quick read.

Best Romance with Religious of Spiritual Elements: My Hope Next Door – Tammy L. Gray

Spiritual Romance book
Katie Stone, a former bad girl, moves back home when she finds out that her mother is sick. In the time spent away from home, Katie has changed into a loving, supportive and positive woman. The problem is that nobody believes in her change. Other than her neighbor, Asher. The son of a small town pastor, Asher, has learned to see the good in people. So he tries to help Katie overcome her past. A beautiful friendship forms as the two help each other find themselves.

My Hope Next Door is a beautiful slow burning romance that focuses on redemption based on love. Katie and Asher are both troubled by their past. While Katie is trying to deal with the problems the caused as a teen, Asher is struggling to get over a bad breakup. But they find the answers they need in each other, which makes this an amazing story.

Best Romantic Suspense : Repressed – Elisabeth Naughton

Romantic Suspense
Samantha Parker, a sexy, intelligent and capable chemistry teacher, comes back to the town where 17 years ago her brother was killed, in order to help her sick mother. When one of Samantha’s students makes trouble, Dr. Ethan McClane is ordered by a judge to to help him. As they work together, the chemistry between Samantha and Ethan ignites. But when snippets of the memories Samantha has of the night her brother was murdered appear, Ethan has to help her to reveal what she saw.

Repressed is a beautiful love story between two troubled people who are trying to fight their own demons. The mystery of the murder that happened 17 years ago is what makes this novel a page turner. Because the killer might strike again, they must act fast, so you will keep reading until late hours. Now the first of 3 books in this suspenseful romance series.

Best Young Adult Romance: The Problem with Forever – Jennifer L. Armentrout

best young adult romance books
Mallory Dodge was taken from an abusive foster home by a loving family who tried to help her overcome her fears. She decides that she will have the full student experience, so her parents enroll her in the senior year a public college. But years of being homeschooled didn’t prepare her for the real deal. When she meets Rider, a former foster child, now a student at the same high school, her fears become more bearable.

The Problem with Forever is an amazing young adult romance. This is a roller coaster of emotions, and it can bring you from heartbreak to tears joy in a few pages. Jennifer L. Armentrout is the master of teenage angst. That, paired with two protagonists who suffered abuse from a young age, makes for a wonderful romance that everybody should read.

If you dont enjoy one of these award winning romance books we’ll eat our, well, romance book.  Perhaps you know some amazing romance books we havent heard of yet, in which case we’d love to hear from you with your suggestions.