A commonly searched for term is where to read books online. Here, we have found the best sites that are a great resource for anyone who prefers to read books online without having to download them onto an e-reader, although some of the sites do give you an option to download the book as an e-book in a variety of formats.

5 Resources For Books – Read Books Online

1. Read Any Book

Readanybook.com has thousands of books to choose from and their own convenient e-reader which you can use.

2. Page By Page Books

A free resource to read books online, with more books being added all the time. Have a quick search to see if they have the book you’re looking for.

3. Public Bookshelf

A site primarily focused on romance novels where authors can publish their works for you to read online.

4. Project Gutenberg

We featured Project Gutenburg before in our free bookslist, and they have become one of the largest and most popular free books websites on the net allowing people to download and read books online for free.

5. Internet Archive

Founded in 1996, Internet Archive offers free access to digital or digitized content. They currently have over 6,000,000 fully accessible public domain ebooks.

To be able to take full advantage of these sites, all you will need is a computer, laptop, or tablet and a reliable internet connection. These sites are not made for people with e-readers but if you have, you will be able to download from some of these sites. Be sure to check the correct format for your e-reader and download the correct one.

Most of our book lists to Amazon which provides downloads for the Amazon Kindle. Other formats of the e-books are available.