At this time of year we all practice popular philosophy whether we realize it or not.

We question the meaning of life with another year gone, and then ponder we want to achieve in the coming year.  We make solemn New Years Resolutions that typically, sadly, last about five minutes.  And then we are swept up into the year and our philosphizing loses power and often fizzles out.

Every one of these popular philosophy books has the potential to power you through 2018.  Change your personal philosophy or beliefs and you will change your life.

Each of these books has stood the test of time as a best selling philosophy book.  Pick just one book and read it over the year.  You can always read something different next year.

Popular Philosophy Books to Power 2018

1. The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

Simple popular philosophy book
The subtitle of this book is A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom; and that is exactly what this book is about.

Don Miguel Ruiz offers four simple agreements that one has to make with oneself in order to live an easier and happier life.
These four principles are:

  1. be impeccable with your word,
  2. don’t take anything personally
  3. don’t make assumptions
  4. and always do your best

Yes, these are simple principles, but it is often hard to follow them.  Fortunately, the four principles are explained through different stories and examples. These principles are universal and can be applied by everybody regardless of age,  where they live, or gender.

With universal and simple principles that will improve your life, this popular philosophy book is a great best seller to start with.

2. The 48 Laws of Power – Robert Greene

Popular philosophy power
Robert Green’s book is highly controversial one. The author  has combined and summarized the philosophy of great philosophers like Machiavelli, Sun Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz with art of ruling of some of the world the most powerful rulers like  Queen Elizabeth I and Henry Kissinger. Green thus outlines the history of power in just 48 rules.

The premise of the book is that we live in power driven world. A world that is pretty similar to the one that Machiavelli described in his classical book The Prince.   He argues that each of our actions might either a) increase someone’s power b) decrease it c) diminish it.  Then Green offers a philosophy on how to survive in this power driven world.

As it is already mentioned this is very controversial book, because it deals with grey areas of morality and ethics. If total control and domination is something you want or have to deal with, your personal philosophy will be stronger after reading this book.

3. The Life Changing magic of tidying up – Marie Kondo

We all tend to collect “things” and most of us end up suffocating in too much stuff. Every so often we try and do a major de-cluttering of our home, but after a while the clutter is back and we have to do it all over again.

Marie Kondo is a professional Japanese cleaning consultant. In this book she presents how to clear your home of clutter. But she does not only focus on de-cluttering; she also provides insight how to organize your home efficiently. Maria Kondo invented a cleaning and de-cluttering philosophy called the KonMari Method. She has become a popular philosophy on her own. Many people claim she has changed their life with her method, which is very efficient and stops the clutter returning.

In this book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up Marie Kondo revels her room-by-room, category-by category approach of cleaning and de-cluttering home. If other philosophy is too fluffy for you, this practical book could change your life for the better too. And its available in manga (comic) format too.

4. The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

Popular spiritual philsophy
The Power of Now has become a classic in the genre of spirituality. Tolle wrote this book in 1997 and it has sold more than 2 million copies.

This book will take the reader on a spiritual journey where you will find your deepest and truest self. The aim of this magnificent and inspirational journey is to gain extraordinary personal growth and to discover truth and light.

The message that Tolle teaches is fairly simple one: people should live in the now, because that is the path to enlightenment and happiness.

Using simple language Tolle manages to explain some very complicated concepts. This book is really life changing and Tolle is a great teacher and writer who provides help on the path of finding and reaching true happiness. Recommended reading every year.

5. The Road Less Traveled – M Scott Peck

Popular psychology
M Scott Peck first published The Road Less Traveled</em> in 1978, but it took 5 years to become bestseller. After it became popular philosophy bestseller it spent more than a decade on the New York Times Bestseller list. You could do far worse than to adopt this book as your power book for 2018.

It was a very controversial book because it crossed the traditional psychotherapy approach. Peck’s agenda at the time the book was published was to integrate the psychoanalytical tradition and the culture of the 1970s. Peck proposes some very unorthodox methods of psychotherapy that not everyone might enjoy. Peck also tries to harmonize psychoanalysis with spirituality, the teachings of Christ and Buddha, as well as Protestant work ethics. By combining these philosophies, Peck, has created a very interesting amalgam of teachings.

This book might not be for everyone. But it will change your life as it has changed millions of others.

Even in Popular Philosophy there are significantly different paths. Whether you love or hate a philosophy, it will change you.
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