The only thing better than historical romance at WhyToRead is funny historical romance novels. Who didn’t laugh and enjoy the witty repartee of Elizabeth and Darcy (Pride and Prejudice). Georgette Heyer is another historical romance writer well known for her humorous situations and dialog.  Today this list introduces you to more funny historical romance writers.

Some of these books are a bit hotter than Pride and Prejudice, but with the humor still prevalent worth a read by the most conservative.

1. Compromised – Kate Nobel

Funny Historical Romance - Compromised
What does a lady do when her sister is found in a compromising position with a gentleman? Gail is an intelligent, witty, funny and independent woman, but doesn’t really fit in a conservative, early 19th century English patriarchal society. Maximillian is some sort of messed up version of a knight in shining armor.

Compromised is an exciting historical novel fueled with intrigue, heat break, very funny dialogue and strong characters. Kate Nobel does an amazing job of placing strong willed women in a historical society, without making the reader feel like they are out of place. She also crowns this love story with steamy sex scenes that are the jewels of an illicit romance.

Enjoy reading as Gail and Max’s love story unfolds in this fast paced, beautifully written and funny historical romance novel.

2. Dreaming of You – Lisa Kleypas

Funny Historical Romance - Dreaming of You
Sara Fielding likes to find adventure in life with her pen and paper. Derek Craven, the lord of an exclusive gambling house, is a dark, mysterious and dangerous man. When Derek has to work with Sara after she accidentally saves his life, both their lives change, as unexpectedly as you can imagine.

Mousy Sara become a seductive, assertive and passionate woman that Derek wants to protect. Gradually Derek learns to let Sara into his life and of course slowly falls in love.

Dreaming of You is a steamy love story that reminds us of Jane Austin’s writing. The historical placement is beautiful, the romance is agonizingly slow to develop and the characters are flawed and well built with depth and realism. Top this off with steamy romance, strong characters and funny scenes that left us laughing out loud.

3. Romancing Mister Bridgerton – Julia Quinn

Funny Historical Romance - Romancing Mister Bridgerton
Romancing Mister Bridgerton is an historical romance with a twist on the “celebrity in the public eye” theme. Colin Bridgerton, a charming socialite of London wants to escape the gossip columns and prove that he is more than a pretty face. Penelope Featherington has known and liked Colin, her best friend’s brother, for most of her life.  When Colin returns to London and they meet again, and a spark is ignited. They both have secrets and they both try to keep them buried, but life has other plans for them.

We loved the forth installment of Bridgerton by Julia Quinn. Besides the steamy romance and the amazing love story, the mystery around the characters secrets kept us glued to the pages.  With strong characters so lively that we expected them to jump from the page into reality this series continues to amuse.

4. Trials of Artemis – Sue London

Funny Historical Romance - Trials of Artemis
Trials of Artemis is a historical romance novel with an unusually strong feminist perspective. The heroine of this novel grows up in a ‘club’ that replaces the woman’s name with their equivalent of man names and encourages them to to ‘boys’ activities. So Jacqueline plays being Jack; and grows up into an independent woman who is not that into the idea of marriage. Until she meets Gideon Wolfe, the Earl of Harrington. Gideon is also independent and smart but and with some typical preconceived ideas about women.

When the two of them are forced to get married, they struggle to make the relationship work. But it’s not that easy. They bump heads, fight about Jacqueline’s feminist views, and don’t take each other seriously. But in the end, after a steamy and emotional (and quite funny) rollercoaster, they figure out how to enjoy the relationship and each other.

Sue London stays true to the era, but the views Jacqueline has, makes Trials of Artemis a romance that surpasses time, and is quite relevant.

5. Forbidden – Tracy Cooper-Posey & Julia Templeton

Funny Historical Romance - Forbidden
Elisa is in a dark place in her life. Her cheating husband has died, she can’t find her son, she can’t support herself and vicious rumors are flying about her. The solutions to all these problems is to find a wealthy husband. Vaughn is attracted by Elisa’s innocence, and soon he will discover the raw sensuality she keeps hidden. A scorching seduction follows with a Forbidden romance.

The historical placement is accurate and gives the book an interesting edge. The characters are well defined and the writing is exquisite.

6. Desperate for a Duke – Ella J. Quince

Funny Historical Romance - Desparate for a Duke
Miss Heather Everly’s family is broke after the patriarch dies and leaves them in debt. After she writes the Duke of Ablehill offering her hand in marriage, he sends his stewart, Fallon Calder to be convinced that Heather is suitable to be his Duchess. There is an instant attraction between Heather and Fallon, and so their problems begin.

We loved Desperate for a Duke.  A well written historical romance with humorous dialogue, colorful characters,and steamy scenes. The love triangle kept the pages turning to unravel how the voice of reason or the desire of the heart would prevail.

If you might enjoy funny historical romance, or just need a break; then give these novels a try.

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