These free kindle books are updated from Amazons Top 100 free kindle books list. They are for the month of October 2014, and include all genres. For the best free Kindle books, WhytoRead will be publishing regular lists of books of different genres. You will be surprised by the quality of these free Kindle books.

Top 5 Free Kindle Books For October 2014

1. Loving Lauren (The West Series Book 1) – Jill Sanders

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The story is charming and a light, easy read.

2. The Clean Home: Step by Step Guide to Keep Your Home Clean, Organized and Clutter Free – ADISH Books

Free Kindle Books

The title is very self explanatory. Based on reviews of this book, it appears to have some useful advice.

3. Travelers Rest – Ann Tatlock

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Travelers Rest is a moving read. Its a wonderful book, a book that will make you stop and think. To appreciate each and every single day. To be “present” in your life and that when you are faced with difficult choices, it is a must to face them and move forward.#

4. Vital Force – Trevor Scott

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Jake Adams is back with his fourth thrilling spy adventure. Vital Force is very highly recommended for reading for those who enjoy a well crafted spy-thriller story.

5. Voodoo Plague – Dirk Patton

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This zombie book is a page turner. It is full of action scenes, but still takes a pause every now and then to let us get to know and sympathize with John, Rachel and some of the other survivors.

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