Halloween is just around the corner.  DIY Halloween costumes, decorations and fake blood can all add to your Halloween fun.   Did you ever want to know how to make fake blood?  Simple baby costumes that wont scare the other young ones? With these guides, you’ll be in the spirit of things in no time.

Why do we dress up at Halloween? And what is the origin of Halloween?

The history of Halloween is generally considered a hybrid of Pagan, Celtic, Catholic and ancient Roman traditions from as long ago as 800BC. Halloween, or “All Hallows Eve” is a holiday celebrating the saints, and is also the eve of first day of the Celtic Irish calendar – “Samhain”, the night when the barriers between here and the spirit world thin and spirits cross freely.  So dressing up in costumes was done to scare off the spirits and save your soul.  Today, with the advent of mass media, costumes often reflect heros (and villains) of popular films and comics.

What ever your reason, lets face it, dressing up for Halloween makes it one of the most fun holidays in the calendar.

DIY Halloween Costumes and more

1. HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN FAKE BLOOD: Recipes for Safe and Inexpensive Halloween Fun

DIY Halloween Costumes - How to Make Your Own Fake Blood

2. Baby Costumes: 24 Easy and Adorable Outfits to Make for Infants and Toddlers

DIY Halloween Costumes - Baby Costumes

3. Halloween How-To, A: Costumes, Parties, Decorations, and Destinations

DIY Halloween Costumes - Halloween How-To

Highly recommended, this book covers all the elements of a great Halloween party from costumes, decorating and receipes. Must have for parents with slightly older children (or adults!) to plan for.

4. Homemade Halloween Costumes: 11 Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY Halloween Costumes - 11 Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

5. Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas
Advertised as the “Best Costumes for Babies, Toddlers, Teens” it has gorgeous pictures, but no instructions. Use as inspiration, not direction.
So get into Halloween with these DIY books.

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