Contemporary Romance are typically funny, humorous romances set in the “current” day.   Current issues like social media, dates, big cities, divorce, rock stars feature as the characters cope with romance.   See the funny side of romance and gain insight into different outlooks and problems in today’s culture.   You will laugh with most of these romance stories – and laughter is good for your health.

Contemporary Romance Books

1. My not So perfect Life – Sophia Kinsella

Contemporary Romance - My Not So Perfect Life
Katie Brenner is living her dream life. Actually that is not true. She wants to live a perfect life and she publishes photos on Instagram that present her perfect life. This works until she gets fired is forced to leave London and return home to the English country side. Once home she will have to face again the person who fired her. What she will do now? Will she try to get revenge or try to get her job back?
This is a perfect feel-good story, about life, love and how we present ourselves. It is a funny and charming story that combines humor, romance and few life lessons. It also has very good moral –  Do not believe everything that is posted on line.

2. How to Get a (Love) Life – Rosie Blake

Contemporary Romance - How To Get a Love Life
Nicola Brow is very organized person. So organized that she is 29 and single. She does not live a “full life”, so her coworker Caroline decides to help out. Caroline dares Nicole to find a date for a forthcoming Valentine’s Day. Nicole has three months to find someone, so with a little help from Caroline and her brother Mark she starts to go on a dates.
This story is great.  It has humor – which we love in contemporary romance.  It has romance  – of course.  And it has a main character that is just lovable as she dares to come out of her comfort zone.  This story is also empowering – especially when one learns that the reason for Nicola’s strict and organized life lies in the fact that she has OCD. Read this story and see how Nicola got her (love) life.

3. Who’s That Girl – Mhairi McFarlane

Contemporary Romance - Who's That Girl
Edie Thompson did something very stupid and now she is forced to leave town.   She moves from the big city back home to live with her widowed father and judgmental sister. This is not what Edie hoped for, and now she has to find out who she really is.
This is typical laugh-out-loud chick-lit romance  in which the main character have to figure out what she really wants in her life and who she really is. It is a charming, funny and witty story that presents you with Edie’s love life and her relationships with her friends and family. This is a great story for all chick-lit and women’s fiction lovers.

4. Me before You – Jojo Moyes

Contemporary Romance - Me Before You
#1 New York Times bestseller, and major motion picture
In this beautiful and poignant novel Jojo Moyes tells the tragic but fairy-tale like story of two totally opposite people. On one side there is a Louisa Clark, an ordinary girl, living an ordinary happy life. On the other side is Will Traynor.  A rich man who used to live a big life, but now is wheelchair-bound. Louisa becomes Will’s caretaker. Will does not treat Louisa nicely so she takes a stand. Then Louisa finds out that Will has some dark plans for his life and she decide to show him that life is still worth living.
This is a heartbreaking story, but definitely worth reading.  Not just because its contemporary romance novel that fits the ‘classic’ mold.  It shows how the depth of love change lives. And after reading it you should watch the movie.  Highly recommended.

5. Burning Moon – Jo Watson

Contemporary Romance - Burning Moon
The first book in Destination Love series, Burning Moon tells the story of Lilly Swanson. Lilly has always dreamed about a perfect family life with perfect husband and perfect children. But instead of the perfect life she got the perfect nightmare! Left at the altar!  Instead of crying she decides to go to Thailand anyway and spend her honeymoon all by herself. In Thailand she meets Damian, a hot and sexy man and she decides to have a time of her life. But what will she do once the honeymoon is over.
This is a great story about turning something bad into good.  It explores all trials and tribulations of life. The story focus on Lilly and her vulnerable side at the lowest point in her life.  A heartwarming story of how one can pick up the pieces of  life and end up much stronger in the end. This contemporary romance is definitely worth reading.

6. Looking for Alaska – John Green

Contemporary Romance - Looking For Alaska
★ Michael L. Printz Award Winner
★ Los Angeles Times Book Prize Finalist
★ NPR’s 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels
★ TIME Magazine‘s 100 100 Best Young Adult Books of All Time
 New York Times bestseller
 USA Today bestseller

Looking for Alaska was John Green’s debut novel. Miles Halter’s life has been pretty uneventful so far. He is obsessed by famous last words and  lives pretty sheltered life. Suddenly he is sick of it and he does something crazy.  He leaves home and goes to the  not-at-all-boring Culver Creek Boarding School. There he meets a lot of different, interesting and amazing people. There he also meets Alaska. Alaska is totally opposite to Miles. Miles falls in love with her.
This is great young adult novel, about growing up and coming out of your comfort zone. It is full of life and, as it is already mentioned, interesting characters. It is remarkably written and pure reading pleasure.

7. Some Kind of Magic – Mary Ann Marlowe

Contemporary Romance - Some Kind of Magic
Some Kind of Magic is Mary Ann Marlowe debut novel. It is an “opposite attracts” story of love (or maybe chemistry) between biochemist Eden Sinclair and international rock star Adam Coperland. It all starts with a few accidents. First, without knowing, Eden spritzed on herself something that enhanced her pheromones.  (A flimsey premise for a biochemist but hey go with it). Second she spent the night withan amazing guy only to find out that he is a world famous rock star. After that night she is swept off her feet by him. Still the question remains – is this true love or just chemically enhanced magic.
This is amazingly funny, witty novel that fans of good contemporary romance novels will definitely enjoy. The characters are cleverly written and the chemistry between them palpable. This story provides great insight into a modern love and relationships. It shows that in order to embrace love, sometimes one has to be very brave.

8. Always the Bridesmaid – Lindsey Kelk

Contemporary Romance - Always the Bridesmaid
This story is about Maddie and her two best friends Sarah and Lauren. Maddie is an ordinary girl that lives in the shadow of others. She finds herself in a mess when she agrees to be a bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding.  Because at the same time her other friend is a getting a divorce. For Maddie also, things are not going well with her job. Suddenly there is too much going on in her life at once and Maddie has to find a way to get her life back to normal.
Fans of Lindsey Kelk will love this story. It is funny and amazing, and Maddie is a lovable character that you will cheer for. This is an awesome contemporary romantic comedy that should be read by all who love this genre.