9 Best Zombie Books To Curve Your Hunger

Zombies. The Undead. The remains of society following the apocalypse. You know that there are countless movies dedicated to these elements as well as video games and books. The concept is intriguing and zombies are no longer the subject of a bad dream.

They have become a major movement of their own. Rotting flesh, slow-moving, mindless former humans that drag their way across the landscape in search of your blood. Oh, and intent on infecting you along the way. Here are our picks of the best zombie books to curve your hunger.

1. The Stand by Stephen King

Granted, he is the master of horror. Zombies are just one of the tools he uses to sell that point.

The story in this book recounts how a government lab accidentally releases a plague that wipes out pretty much the majority of humans on the planet. There are a chosen few who survive, thanks to being immune to the virus.

Add some supernatural elements and you have a zombie story that will keep you awake at night – if that is your goal.

2. World War Z by Max Brooks

First off, a little background on the author. He is the son of comedian Mel Brooks and at one time was a staff writer for Saturday Night Live. Any idea what kind of zombie book this is now that you have this information?

If you are expecting a funny, offbeat, and just overall laugh-out-loud story that includes zombies, you’d be wrong.

It is somewhat more of a documentary that traces how a zombie attack can slowly eradicate society as we know it.

3. Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood

You should recognize the name of this award-winning author. Although she is not particularly known for books in this genre, this specific volume is the first installment of a three-part series called MaddAddam.

The story revolves around a new race of genetically engineered humans that are also docile and simplistic. The writing in this book is engaging, clever, thought-provoking, and somewhat creepy.

It is one to add to your library, without a doubt.

4. Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank

The storyline here is a familiar one. It picks up following a nuclear-war induced holocaust and is one of those standard themes that most early zombie books, movies, and video games used.

That’s because the concept is typically chilling because of the realism. This book was originally published over fifty years ago and the contents are still relevant today.

Yes, it is a story that can easily be described in one word – bleak – but that adds to the reality of the writing.

5. The Book of M: A Novel by Peng Shepherd

The concept in this post-apocalyptic tale is rather unique.

It starts when the survivors begin to lose their shadows. That is followed by them losing their memories in an epidemic identified as The Forgetting.

The author creates characters that are extremely believable and writes the story in a way that pulls you right into it. It’s most definitely what you would call a page-turner, for sure. You won’t want to miss a single detail as this story unfolds.

6. The Passage: A Novel (Book One of The Passage Trilogy) by Justin Cronin

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way right now. This is not a zombie book. However, it is about a vampire apocalypse, and as far as we are concerned, that’s a whole lot scarier than slow-moving non-humans.

This book features not your ordinary vampires, either. These happen to be government-engineered vampires which are a whole different kettle o’ fish.

This book will take time to get through as it contains 750 pages but it will be well worth the effort.

7. The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham

Truly a classic although it isn’t about zombies. It does, however, have the most unique apocalyptic concept.

Killer plants and a green comet that the Earth passed too close to have led to rampant blindness. The plants are not your average garden variety ones you stumble upon, either. These are poisonous, semi-sentient walking plants.

It is as scary a book now as it was when it was first published in 1951. Your best zombie books collection has to have this in it.

8. Swan Song by Robert McCammon

Here’s a mixture you don’t see every day.

It’s part post-apocalyptic horror and part fantasy. Sure, the two genres may not be so far apart that they blend well but in this volume, it’s a winning combination for sure.

The culprit in the story is nuclear warfare and the story more or less explores the good-versus-evil elements that come into play. Several characters fall victim to the circumstances and turn this book into a must-read.

9. A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World by C. A. Fletcher

Okay, maybe not exactly about fantasy directly, but this book does focus on the 14th century French monarchy.

The strange goings on range from iron kings and strangled queens to battles, betrayals, lies, lust, deception, babies switched at birth, she-wolves, sin, swords, doom and gloom and all kinds of issues that would be common at that point of history.

Did we mention this author was considered a “hero” by George R. R. Martin of Game of Thrones fame?

Best Zombie Books Wrap Up

The end of the world can happen in many different ways. The concept has been in the imagination of writers for many, many decades and has spawned a genre of books, movies, and video games as a result.

The list above of the best zombie books will introduce you to post-apocalyptic concepts that you may have already seen or a few new variations. All are meant to get your imagination whirring and keep you from worrying about the future.

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