8 Best Podcasting Books Of 2020: Learn How To Podcast Live

Podcasting is one of the most exciting new methods of communicating. You can focus on audio podcasts or video podcasts, both of which offer a different way of sharing information with others.

As there is a lot to know about podcasting before you start recording your first episode, several books on the topic have hit the marketplace. But which one will be the best guide for you? That depends on what you plan to do with your podcast.

The list below is made up of our top picks for the best podcasting books that should help you to become the latest podcaster online.

1. Podcast Launch: A Complete Guide to Launching Your Podcast by John Lee Dumas

Written by the host of the daily Entrepreneur On Fire podcast, it covers the basics.

For example, you will learn what podcasting is, how to produce and edit your podcast, and how to podcast live to grow your show audience. There are also some introductory topics listed to inspire you to get started.

You can also access an online course through this book that will give you a more in-depth look at podcasting including tips, lessons, and advice to assist you before you launch your podcast.

2. Podcasting For Beginners: Start, Grow And Monetize Your Podcast by Salvador Briggman

The author is a successful podcaster with a show that has had more than 150,000 downloads to date.

The book covers the early days of his podcast where he was figuring out what to do without much in the way of guidance and shows you what to avoid and what to do to make the process easier.

The book also covers how to build your audience and how to attract interesting guests to interview to add value to your podcasting efforts. All of which can help you earn some $$$.

3. Podcasting For Dummies by Tee Morris & Chuck Tomasi

Based on the premise that there are some outdated books in the marketplace on podcasting (likely due to the rapidly changing technological landscape), comes this book.

It features a decent introduction to podcasting and shows you how to set up your show, what equipment is available, and how to improve your voice. Intended to act as a reference guide, this volume is just that and a little more.

It’ll be one you’ll want to have access to when you need it.

4. Introduction To Podcast Technology by David Power

If the new technology of podcasting has got you a little bit spooked about trying it yourself, you will want to flip through this book. It will introduce you to and teach you about the hardware you would need to put together your podcast.

This includes such things as microphones, accessories, software, and media hosts. Plus, there are easy to follow guidelines that will assist you to record, produce, and launch your podcast.

Add this hand-picked  best podcasting book to your collection and you’ll do well.

5. Profitable Podcasting by Stephen Woessner

If you haven’t already heard this, podcasting is probably one of the most powerful forms of content marketing. It is the concept that the author uses to write this book on the topic.

The pages will cover the basics of podcasting, sharing with you insight on how to start your podcast and what you need to do to provide the right type of content.

You will also learn all you will need to launch your live podcast that should produce results for you in a short time.

6. Out On The Wire by Jessica Abel

The concept in this guide to podcasting is interesting. You can be a master of the equipment and all other aspects of podcasting but according to the author, what truly sells a podcast – and attracts listeners/downloads – is the storytelling.

In a way, you need to have some basic reporter skills to flesh out details of an event, learn more about a topic, and ask great questions of a guest.

Storytelling tips are also inside this volume so you should have a good idea of what to do.

7. Podcastnomics: The Book Of Podcasting…To Make You Millions by Naresh Vissa

Although this is a slightly older book on the topic of podcasting, the basics in it are still as relevant now for a beginner than they were the day it was first published.

In it you will find ways to use the medium of podcasting to spread a message, attract listeners, and turn your efforts into a money-generating operation.

If you were not sure if podcasting was the right thing for you to do, this book should put those thoughts to rest and give you a different outlook on the subject.

8. How To Start Podcasting: The Beginner’s Guide by W. George Elliott

A veteran of 40+ years in the media industry (radio/print/internet), the author shows you shortcuts on how you get your podcast online quickly and cheaply.

If you follow his tips, you could be podcasting later today without spending more than $100 to do so. The step-by-step manual spells out media hosting sites, recording devices and the basic structure of an average podcast to save you time trying to figure out all these things on your own.

A must-have book and certainly one for our best podcasting books of 2020 list.

Best Podcasting Books Wrap Up

Podcasting is an exciting medium. It can be used for so many different things from entertaining to informing others about different things. You can record them at home, on the fly, or in a small dedicated studio for just this purpose.

Regardless of what direction you go with yours, there are some great podcasting books out there to coach you through the process. The list above focuses on the volumes that we would recommend you check out before you launch your live podcast to ensure you have all the right tools before you get started.

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