Readers love a good book quote from their favorite author or series.  Tap into this list for easy, simple, cheap Christmas presents in 2016.  From classics to slightly kitsch, there’s something for everyone.

Dont leave your orders too late, get in head of the last-last minute rush with these fun book quote gifts.  Hunt around and we expect you can find many many more.

  1. First lines of Literature MUG
    Book Quote Gifts - mugbook quote gifts
    Features famous lines such as “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.  24 awesome quotes to provide excellent distraction in the home or office.  You will need to go read all those books too….

2. The Little Prince iPhone 6 case
Book Quote Gifts - iPhone 6 caseHave an iPhone – then this is a beautiful case for you.  no iPhone… use it as a pen holder, coffee cup mat… whatever.  If you haven’t read The Little Prince, you need to.

3. Quote Throw Rug
Book Quote Gifts - Rugbook quote gifts Snuggle up with this 100% cotton throw rug to read your Christmas books.   No need for a special someone when you have your quote throw and a good book.  (Well, maybe a glass of wine too.)

4. You are Braver… Handmade typo print
Book Quote Gifts - Gold Foil plaqueGold foil, Winnie the Poo, how does it get better than that.  Fits any 8″ x 10″ frame to inspire your children; your boss; your mother.  Buy it  for someone, then accidentally forget and keep it for yourself.

5. The Book was Better – Tshirt
Book Quote Gifts - Tshirtbook quote giftsSo true, so true.  Heard this one so many times, now buy the t-shirt (in lots of colors). WhyToRead always read the book before seeing the movie. Sometimes the movie is good too (Lord of the Rings, The Martian) but rarely does a movie surpass the book.

6. Quote Cushion – Shakespeare
Book Quote Gifts - pillowbook quote giftsFor the ‘little’ lady in your life.  “And though she be but little, She is fierce.” by Shakespeare.  Not much more to say after this.  If she throws it at you, then she is definitely qualified to keep it so you better throw it back.