At WhyToRead.com we create inspirational and innovative book lists for people who love to read. We include all different genre types (and we certainly enjoy doing it) so that all lovers of books will find a book list perfect for them.

Books are created to inspire and allow us to dive into our creative side to develop the story-line in our minds (just the way we like it). When you think about it, creating story-lines in our minds (like a movie) and applying our own personal perspective on things is truly amazing.

Let’s go one step further and really think about ‘how is it we are able to create and experience a physical response’ to something we are reading. The human mind and ability to imagine is quite astounding.

If you don’t know what we mean by physical responses, then you need to check out our book lists for:

 If after reading any of the books mentioned on the above lists doesn’t evoke any kind of physical response from you, then you are either 1 of 2 things.

  1. You are a millennial raised with an Ipad or Iphone shoved in your face, rather than a physical book that you could touch and read (with your parents help). Totally not your fault and really, let’s face it, this is where the future is leading. I for one do like my Kindle, but it is the act of reading itself that I value the most.
  2. Well, hmmm, maybe you should consult our psychology books list section, or actually see a Psychologist. If there is a disconnect between your minds’ imagination and your physical response to this, you should see someone about it.

Overtime we have progressed to blogging about reading strategies, techniques and ways to help people read. And this took off almost immediately, with this first article being extremely popular: 10 Reasons Why Reading Books Will Save Your Life.

If you haven’t had a quick read, we encourage you to do just that, as there are some great tips which we think people have forgotten about.

Our Main Reading Aims

When it comes down the main aim of our site, the 3 reasons we do what we do are:

1 – Our books lists will inspire you with the best books that you haven’t heard of before

2 – Our reading lists will introduce you to top books that you never realized were interesting, and

3 – Bring classic books to your attention that is simply essential to reading in your lifetime.

We publish new lists regularly, so to ensure that you receive these, make sure you subscribe and they will end up in your mailbox.

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Thanks again for visiting our site and we hope that we have helped you add to your reading list this year.

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