Lets face it, everyone can do with an upgrade when it comes to the bedroom. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or not, there are new maneuvers you can make and intimate connections you can have to upgrade your sex life.

The 3 books below will help you do just that.

1. Great Sex: A Man’s Guide to the Secret Principles of Total-Body Sex – Michael Castleman

upgrade your sex life

Nowhere will a reader find another work that provides so much insightful information on how men and women can work together to create delectably healthy sexual relationships. From lackluster sex to male performance anxiety to the dearth of knowledge surrounding the female sexual response, Castleman tackles virtually every sexual issue affecting couples today. This book will definitely upgrade your sex life.

2. She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman – Ian Kerner

upgrade your sex life

From the beginner to the experienced enthusiast, there is something in this book for everybody. Ladies, make sure your partner reads this. Ladies/Gentlemen who have a woman partner: this is required reading.

It teaches you a lot about the female anatomy, the female sexual response, and the emotional/couple dynamics that factor into sex.

3. The Sex-Starved Marriage: Boosting Your Marriage Libido: A Couple’s Guide – Michele Weiner Davis

upgrade your sex life

Show me a couple who has a mutually satisfying sexual relationship and I’ll show you a couple I can pick out of a crowd. There’s an almost visible bond between them-the gentle touches, knowing glances, laughter and warmth when their eyes meet. You can feel the connection between them. The aim of this book is to upgrade your sex life to this level.