Lazy summer days and hot historical romance novels.  What more could we want at WhyToRead?

You might think these books are cheap entertainment with the occasional bit of history thrown in.  But historical romance novels have more to offer than you might think.

From interesting relationship situations to a peek into history and manners from another time and place.  Many authors research their historical period thoroughly, making their stories accurate in background and details.

And of course, using our imagination is healthy and good for us.  Many romance novels are also quite humorous.  A good funny book that makes us laugh is priceless.

So whether its hot historical romance escapism, or a peek into history, you’ll enjoy this list.

1. Lord of Scoundrels – Loretta chase

Historical Romance - Lord of Scoundrels
Sometimes, it takes a beautiful strong woman to bring a man to his knees. When Jessica Trent sets out to protect her brother from the menacing habits of the Marquess of Diain (Sebastian Ballister), she had not planned to fall for the arrogant man. She can’t help but want him and he can’t help himself after she kisses him. Lord of Scoundrels is full of high society love, scandalous affairs and just enough romance to keep it hot. Jessica has ruined the reputation of Sebastian and he is on her trail, hot and wanting. He will have her at any cost; even forced marriage.

2. Any Duchess Will Do – Tessa Dare.

Historical Romance - Any Duchess Will Do
Griffin York (the Duke of Halford) will not be forced to marry. He hates the idea of being tied down but his mother will hear nothing of it. Any Duchess Will Do gives us a culture clash between the world of dukes and that that of barmaids and servants. Halford has found love but not with a lady with a fancy title but with Pauline: a barmaid with a dream. She is smart, witty and driven, everything that Halford does not see in the other duchess. Will he risk his fall from society for the ‘simple girl? Or can he make his mother see that she is his duchess in her own right?

3. The Preachers Promise – Piper G Huguley

Historical Romance - The Preachers Promise
After the American Civil War, a lot has to change. Amanda Stewart, a school teacher from the North, decides that she wants to start a school for the formerly enslaved. She wants to teach reading and writing, help her people achieve. The Preacher’s Promise takes us on a journey to the South where people do not welcome Amanda’s enthusiasm; not even the handsome mayor and part-time preacher; Virgil. The tension is hot and secrets are a plenty. Will Virgil fulfill his ex-wife’s dying wish and let his daughter learn to read? And will Amanda melt the heart of the stone cold mayor?  Perhaps not your typical historical romance but worth reading.

4. Something Like Love – Beverley Jenkins

Historical Romance - Something Like Love
When Olivia decided to move to Chicago and become a seamstress she never imagined that she would be voted a mayor of a small town or fall in love with an outlaw. Something Like Love is more than just an interracial love story. It is about justice, about falling in love and about doing the right thing, even when it feels so wrong. Olivia and Neil know their love is wrong but he can’t help but love the strong willed woman and something about this bad boy nature sets her aflame. Beverly Jenkins is an award winning historical romance author and this book is the quintessential good girl – bad boy romance.

5. Brazen – Susan Johnson

Historical Romance - Brazen
American playboys are known for wanting beautiful women they can’t have. Brazen tells the story of Kit Braddock, an American adventurer who falls in love with a lady that has it all. Not only is she rich and extremely beautiful but she is Countess Angela de Grae. She is everything he should not want. Will love be able to blossom between a woman of noble birth and the American with little but his heart? There is treachery, desperation but above all courage and the triumph of true love Can Kit’s love for the beguiling Countess show her that true love does exist?

6. Devil in Winter – Lisa Kleypas

Historical Romance - Devil in Winter
Marrying a shy, pretty lady to a lustful Viscount may not seem like the best idea. When Evie is conveniently married off to a womanizing count she could never have foreseen the dark plot that would unravel. Devil in Winter is a book about mismatched lovers who ultimately realize the triumph of love; even if that means ultimatums must be set and Evie must prove her strength. There is love, deception, enemies of the past all set against the complexities of Victorian England. A truly enthralling read which forms part of Lisa Kleypas’ Wallflower series. Even shy girls get a shot at love.

7. A passion Most Pure – Julie Lessman

Historical Romance - A Passion Most Pure
How can a girl, who promised to put God first, fall passionately in love? Faith O’ Connor finds herself falling in love with her sister’s suitor? It does not help that the handsome Colin McGuire has fallen for her too. How can she retain her faith while falling for a man who tests her devotion to her sister and to God? This is the first book in Lessman’s series entitled Daughter of Boston which intertwines faith with the trials of love. Faith needs to figure out what her hearts want and face the consequences. This is a real page-turner that will appeal to both Christians and lovers of all historical romance novels.

8. Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake – Sarah MacLean

Historical Romance - Nine Rules to Break when Romancing a Rake
Callie is a plump, plain 28-year-old who knows that in high society her chances at finding a husband are over, or so she and her family thought. With her spinster title looming she decides to make a bucket lust of nine scandalous things she wants to do before she dies. There is passion, debauchery, and enough scandal to topple Victorian high society. Nine Rules to Break is a witty story that brings all sorts of saucy scenarios together. There are passionate kisses, good looking counts and masked rendezvous. Will Callie have a shot a true love after all?

9. Almost Heaven – Judith McNaught

Historical Romance - Almost Heaven
There is nothing worse for a ladies’ reputation than being found in the arms of a mysterious man. Elizabeth Cameron, a Countess, can’t help but lust after the devilish handsome Ian Thornton; a man who is secretly wealthy and too suave for his own good. Almost Heaven is a saucy novel that takes us from London High society to the Scottish Highlands in search of the truth. Is there more to Ian Thornton than Elizabeth would like to think? Love may be on the cards for this countess but the price may be higher than she expected. Judith McNaught is a New York Times bestselling author and her historical romance stories are not to be missed.

10. Years – LaVyrle Spencer

Historical Romance - Years
Being a teacher in 1917 is no easy task. When Linnea Brandonberg takes her first teaching job she had no idea that she would have to grow up so fast. With World War 1 on the brink and her life in the air, she seems to have nowhere to turn. That is until Teddy Westgaard , a man who thought he would never fall in love again comes onto the scene. Years is a story that is about much more about love. It is about womanhood and fighting for what you believe in, even when war is at your doorstep.