Science Fiction Erotic Classics

Science Fiction Erotic Classics

Science fiction has long strained the boundaries of our imaginations. Throw in some erotica and literally anything is possible. These Classic Science Fiction Erotic novels might be older, but the stories still excite and amuse.

1. Slave Girl of Gor – John Norman

Science Fiction Erotic Classics - Slave Girl of Gor
Think of a world where men are kings and women are there for their pleasure. The Gor series is a staple read for many in the BDSM community and this tantalizing novel is no different. When Judy Thorton is abducted and wakes up on the planet Gor, her life is changed forever. Expect bondage, adventurous sex and master/ slave relationships. Judy learns to be a pleasure slave and her master learns to love HIS girl, though he will never admit it. Set in an alternate universe you can expect alternative philosophies and sex that test’s both Judy’s limits and your own.

2. Zara’s Bond – Scarlett J Rose

Science Fiction Erotic Classics - Zara's Bond
Aliens sometimes do more than fly around Roswell. Scarlett J Rose gives us a novel full of adventure, alien sex and possible love in a post-apocalyptic world. The D’Shraki aliens have annihilated the human race and what women are left are hot commodities. Zara, one of the few females left, is impregnated by the Overlord and is now on the run. She encounters danger around every turn and only with the other human survivors will she stand a chance. Jake, an old flame reappears and with his help she needs to evade the Overlord’s lust. This story is told over 3 books and all in all makes a thrilling series that twists aliens with motherhood and love.

3. Menage: All filled up – Kathleen Hope

Science Fiction Erotic Classics - Menage
When Gia leaves Chicago for the lights of L.A she has no idea what manly creatures lurk around the corner. After breaking down along the way she is forced to stop in a small town where strange things unfold. If you like a story with anamorphic themes, then Ménage: All Filled Up is the story for you. There are love triangles, brotherly fights, steamy sex scenes and a man who is something more than what he seems. Will Gia’s discovery push her closer to the man who may hurt her?

4. Pornucopia – Piers Anthony

Science Fiction Erotic Classics - Pornucopia
You know when a book has vampires, succubi, sex vending machines and strange sex transplants that it has to be good. Pornucopia is a set in a futurist landscape where seduction, erotica and everything mildly sexy is now the norm. The novel follows Prior Gross as he is seduced by sexy she-devils and is taken down some dirty paths. This novel is full of kinky adventures and there is no knowing what creature or character will pop up next in Prior’s bed. Anthony is an award-winning science fiction author and this kinky deviation of a story is much loved and well-reviewed.

5. Warrior: The Time Hunter – Angela Knight

Science Fiction Erotic Classics - Warrior
Time travel is nothing exciting in the 24th century. Everyone is doing it but is everyone finding love? In Warrior by award-winning Angela Knight, we meet Galar Arvid a modified human from the future who must protect a girl from the past. It’s not as complicated as it sounds but it sure is compelling. This time-hopping novel pitches Jessica (an artist who has no idea what she is in for) against warlords, adventure and possibly love. With all the action in this novel you will be taken on a fantastical ride through time but still focus on the explosive romance between timid Jessica and the strong Galar Arvid.

6. Interstellar Service & Discipline: Lost Star – Morgan Hawke

Science Fiction Erotic Classics - Lost Star
It is not easy being a strong female battleship piolet like Victoria Stark. She is kick ass and bows to no man, or so she thought she never would. Hawke is the queen of weaving erotica with science fiction and this is no different. Victoria is taken as a hostage upon a ship with a creature that sees humans as nothing more than pets. Pets to pleasure them and to be kept on a short leash. Interstellar Service & Discipline is like a better version of Star Trek dripping with BDSM, same-sex sex and enough pet play to keep those of you who like your leash happy.

7. The initiation of PB 500 – Kyle Stone

Science Fiction Erotic Classics - The Initiation of PB500
There is something fascinating about the way that Stone tell this gay sci-fi erotica. It’s just the perfect mixture of dirty sex with aliens. The initiation of PB 500 follows Micah Starion a once sub-captain who is now nothing more than a sex slave his other-world captors. He is trained to be a slave, stripped of his identity and humiliated around every page. There is heavy sex and this book is not for the faint hearted so process with caution. Blending gay BDSM with science fiction the story of Micah is one full of wonder , lust and all around intrigue.

8. Awaken Me Darkly – Gena Showalter

Science Fiction Erotic Classics - Awaken Me Darkly
Being a sexy police lady is hard enough. Throw in a possible serial killing alien and you have a receipt for a thrilling novel. Awaken Me Darkly follows Mia Snow a sexy alien huntress who is not afraid to play with the big boys. She has done her time and just when things seem ok she is pitted against an alien suspect who seems to be a king of seduction too. Will Mia fall for the charm of the alien she is supposed to hunt and is he the man they are after? Showalter makes this novel read like a detective story and there is enough sex to keep you engaged in the romance between Mia and the alien Kyrin en Arr.

5 Sci Fi Mind Bending Classics

5 Sci Fi Mind Bending Classics

Sci fi is always popular here at WhyToRead. Mind bending books and mind blowing books too.

Combined, these sci fi mind bending books will stretch your grey matter and shake any complacency to the root. These classics challenges current topics such as gender issues, war and apocalyptic events, and more.  Discover what we have already thought of, and see how close to possible it might be?

1.  Left Hand of Darkness – Ursula Le Guin

Ursula K Le Guin - sci fi mind bendingsci fi mind bending
The premise of this novel can easily be summarized: a human ambassador was sent on a peace-making mission to a planet of gender-neutral people. However, the true beauty and sheer brilliance of the world and mythology that of Le Guin’s creation can only be experience by reading this sci fi classic for yourself. Although first published in 1969, the main theme of gender and discrimination will still resonate with readers today.

2. The Forge of God – Greg Bear

Greg Bear - sci fi mind bendingsci fi mind bending
One of the popular theories of how our world will end is that if we are invaded by aliens. In The Forge of God, the author successfully brought the idea to live, in the most convincing way. The aliens of Bear’s imaginings are merciless invaders that methodically destroy earth and its inhabitants. Become immersed in this sci fi mind bending classic, and you may just realize actually how afraid your are of dying from an apocalyptic event beyond your control.

3. Neuromancer – William Gibson

William Gibson - sci fi mind bendingsci fi mind bending
For anyone who reads Neuromancer today, the future Gibson conjured up in his novel feels eerily like a prophecy. When the book was first published 1984, the author successfully envisioned a computer-based world, even before the first Apple Mac was in the market. Plus, the novel is filled with many familiar concepts and terms that we casually use today when speaking of the internet. What’s astounding is how the novel explores the effects of the internet, way before its time of publishing.

4. Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card

Orson Scott Card - sci fi mind bendingsci fi mind bending
Andrew Wiggin, a.k.a. Ender, is a gifted child. As a result, he has been made to wear a monitor since birth so that his actions can be studied and analyzed by the governing body. Eventually, Ender was effectively conscripted to join a military school where he is seen as one of the humanity’s hope for salvation. The novel is entertaining story-wise, but also presents the readers with philosophical and ethical questions, especially in regards to video war games, and children in war. (Remember, don’t judge a book by the movie.) Could this be the future of Pokemon Go?

5. Dune – Frank Herbert

Frank Herbert - sci fi mind bendingsci fi mind bending
Though written in the 1960s, the world of Herbert’s creation and the themes explored in this award-winning sci-fi classic remain relevant today, if not more so than ever. The plot revolves around a family who arrives on a desert planet, where treachery ensues amidst the amidst the harsh environmental conditions. Within the multi-layered adventure story is the reflection of the many real-world issues, from politics, religion and culture to the ecology and environment. The novel will leave you doing a lot of thinking and would make for interesting discussions among readers.

10 Best Ever Comedy Sci Fi Novels

10 Best Ever Comedy Sci Fi Novels

Continued on from our last post we finish reviewing the best ever comedy sci fi novels.

Laughter is healing.  Laughter is relaxing. Laughter lowers your blood pressure.  Laugh out loud with these funny novels.

Give the gift of laughter this Christmas with a good book (or two) from the rest of our list.

10 All Time Best Comedy Sci Fi Novels – continued

See 1-5 here.

6. Job: A Comedy of Justice – Robert Heinlein

Comedy Sci Fi Novels

Would you leave Heaven and go through Hell to find your find your beloved? Don’t assume what Heinlein’s novel is about because of the biblical title; it is more than a Sci-Fi twist on the Book of Job. Sure, the plot is based on its source of inspiration, where a man made a wager with his Creator and was put through a series of trials. But what we have here is a character-driven story of personal transformation and lessons learned.

7. Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas – John Scalzi

Comedy Sci Fi Novels

In Scalzi’s novel, the Redshirts refer to crew members abroad a flagship whose mission is predetermined by a Narrative. Fans of the TV series, Star Trek will find the premise familiar. That does not mean the novel is just a knockoff of the highly acclaimed TV show. The novel is made up of the principle story, followed by the three codas – short stories focused on the minor characters, told in first, second and third-person, respectively. Overall, the plot is uncomplicated, filled with sardonic wit, and touches lightly on some serious themes.

8. Equal Rites (Discworld series) – Terry Pratchett

Comedy Sci Fi Novels

The plot and characters of each Discworld book can stand on their own, which makes reading them in order not really necessary. Equal Rites is the third book in the series, but could very well work as an introductory book. It is very funny, has better characterization and more depth than the two that came before it. The plot may be a little slow in places, but it is still a thoroughly enjoyable adventure with a satisfying conclusion.

9. Bored of the Rings: A Parody – The Harvard Lampoon

Comedy Sci Fi Novels
As a parody, this book has unfortunately not aged perfectly, since it contains many pop culture references relevant in the late 60s to the early 70s. Some of its humor may be considered irrelevant or even inappropriate today. However older fans of Tolkien’s iconic fantasy novels are likely to find Bored of the Rings very funny. For true-blue Tolkien fans though, this book is a worthwhile read, even if it is just for the sake of nostalgia, just keep in mind the era which it was first published.

10. A Spell for Chameleon (Xanth, Book 1) – Piers Anthony

Comedy Sci Fi Novels

There are currently over 20 Xanth novels, all featuring stories of heroic characters with magical abilities that are set in the fantasy land of Xanth – a clever allusion to Florida. What makes the Xanth novels stand out from your typical fantasy is Anthony’s witty use of puns and innuendos in his writings. A Spell for Chameleon is the first, and considered by many to be the best of the pun-filled series. The plot is solidly developed and worth reading while one enjoys the humor from its smart writing.

Sci-Fi Short Stories: 8 Sci-Fi Short Story Collections That Will Blow Your Mind

Sci-Fi Short Stories: 8 Sci-Fi Short Story Collections That Will Blow Your Mind

For Sci-Fi book fans who have too many things going on in their life to be able to sit down for hours at a time, the solution is a great short story book. The Sci-Fi short story collections in this list are the best ever written, based on user reviews and sales figures.

Sci-Fi Short Stories

1. I, Robot – Isaac Asimov

Sci-Fi books

Isaac Asimov wrote this classic collection of stories as the first in his Robot novel series. It deals with the relationships between human and robot. It introduced the Three Laws of Robotics that have set the standard for the use of robots in science fiction. In fact, Asimov was the acknowledged creator of the term “robotics.”

2. The Martian Chronicles – Ray Bradbury

Sci-Fi books

Ray Bradbury wrote these short stories in the late 1940s at a time when we knew almost nothing about Mars. This book is not a novel per se, but rather a collection of separately linked stories that chronicle, in about as many ways as you can imagine, Man’s experiences with Mars

3. Stories of Your Life and Others – Ted Chiang

Sci-Fi books

Stories of Your Life and Others is a wonderful collection of short stories. It’s engaging, intelligent, well researched, creative, and puzzling among many other reasons why you should read this book.

4. Burning Chrome – William Gibson

Sci-Fi books

This is an amazing short story collection whose common denominator is the quality of the writing. This collection really shows just how much William Gibson has done to take Science Fiction to a whole new level.

5. Dangerous Visions: 33 Original Stories – Harlan Ellison

Sci-Fi books

Some of these stories are downright shocking, some are bizarre, and some have the great social commentary and human drama that most sci-fi writers would kill to be capable of.

6. Axiomatic: Short Stories of Science Fiction – Greg Egan

Sci-Fi books

Axiomatic is utterly fascinating and mind-blowing. The stories are wonderfully original and distinct, but two philosophic threads tie them together. The stories explore questions of determinism and free will or questions of where our identity resides and what are its irreducible components.

7. Welcome to the Monkey House: Stories – Kurt Vonnegut

Sci-Fi books

This is a collection of rich, wonderfully written stories about a wide assortment of subjects. Kurt Vonnegut is a great writer, pure and simple. Many of the stories deal with the future and the state of society, and blended with Vonneguts somewhat cynical yet witty view of the subject.

8. Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick – Philip K. Dick

Sci-Fi books

Philip K. Dick manages to incorporate the fears and projections of his era (such as the angst of nuclear holocaust) and distill it all in a remarkable collection of short stories. The stories are dynamic and this collection is an excellent way to get to know the works of Phillip K. Dick.

Best Sci-Fi Books: 7 Mind Blowing And Frightening Sci-Fi Books

Best Sci-Fi Books: 7 Mind Blowing And Frightening Sci-Fi Books

The Best Sci-Fi Books

Science fiction is made up of imaginative content about the future, space travel, time travel, parallel universes and extraterrestrial life. It can be mind blowing, fear inducing and inspiring. There aren’t that many genres as diverse and enjoyable as Sci-Fi, and in this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best Sci-Fi books ever written.

1. Hyperion – Dan Simmons

Best Sci-Fi Books

‘Hyperion’ is centered on the six pilgrims’ tales, their pasts and the terrible needs which drive them to confront what is almost certain death–or worse. Each of the tales is written in a unique style, and each introduces a new element to bind the story as a whole.

2. Childhood’s End – Arthur C. Clarke

Best Sci-Fi Books

This book begins one day when numerous spaceships suddenly appear in the sky above Earth, flown by an alien species referred to as the Overlords.  These aliens seem to be a benevolent race that only wants to help humanity. In fifty years, these Overlords will end ignorance, poverty, war, and disease,but to what end do they do this?

3. Sphere – Michael Crichton

Best Sci-Fi Books

The story touches on a number of aspects of the human personality while mixing in some profound science fiction narratives in the process. This is a fast-paced thriller that definitely registers impressively on the suspense meter, particularly during the late chapters.

4. Lord of Light – Roger Zelazny

Best Sci-Fi Books

Lord of Light” reads much more like fantasy than science fiction, and like Frank Herbert’s classic “Dune,” it’s an example of a science-fiction novel deeply concerned with spirituality and metaphysics.

5. Solaris – Stanislaw Lem

Best Sci-Fi Books

This novel explores the theme of communication. Scientists explore a curious planet, Solaris, whose ocean appears to be an intelligent life-form. Scientists are sent to live on the planet and to try and establish contact with it.

6. Rendezvous with Rama – Arthur C. Clarke

Best Sci-Fi Books

A very large cylinder appears in our solar system and an expedition is sent out to investigate it. They enter the cylinder and watch it slowly “wake up” from the inside. The alien technology they encounter is highly advanced and awe inspiring but still possible to understand.

7. Stranger in a Strange Land – Robert A. Heinlein

Best Sci-Fi Books

A child born to the first Martian expedition and is raised by the Martians and brought back to Earth as a young man, where he receives an education into the ways of man. Once he feels that he understands humanity, he undertakes to educate humans in the philosophy of “Thou art God” in such a way that the truth of that statement is a provable tautology. As such, he becomes a self-proclaimed messiah, enduring the usual fate of messiahs by upsetting everyone’s idea of what is ‘right’.