Exciting Hot Romance Books for Spring

Exciting Hot Romance Books for Spring

Spring is in the air. Love is in the Air. Hot romance is definitely in the air.

Enjoy some exciting hot romance books this spring.

1. Mount! – Jilly Cooper

Hot Romances Book - Mount!
Rupert puts aside his obsession for Love Rat, his prized stallion, when Gala, a Zimbabwean widow who is taking care of his father, enters the picture. Mount! has many themes that keep you glued to the pages. There is the horse racing aspect that opens the door to a world that not many are familiar with. There is the family saga dynamic that is interesting and full of drama. But the most enthralling aspect is the love story between Rupert and Gala, sprinkled with steamy sex scenes.

2. Bared to You – Sylvia Day

Hot Romances Book - Bared to you
Eva is a gorgeous, wealthy, independent woman who is trying to discover herself in New York. Gideon Cross is a sexy, controlling and interesting man who catches Eva’s eye. Even though they have their own demons to fight, they start an electric relationship.

Sylvia Day writes a sexy romance with BDSM elements that keeps you glued to the pages. The characters are well developed and, in some way, you can relate to them. They both have backstories and their actions are consistent with their stories. The sex scenes are steamy, hot and really well written. Bared to You is a must read for all who enjoy reading about complicated relationships full of hot sex.

3. Destined to Play – Indigo Bloome

Hot Romances Book - Destined to Play
Would you give up yourself to someone for 48 hours? This is the premise of this book. Dr. Alexandra Blake is a respected and successful doctor. She is happy with her life as it is. But when Jeremy Quinn, an ex-lover of hers, reenters her life with a provocative challenge: to give up her control to him for 48 hours.

Destined to Play is about broadening your horizon and accepting alternative lifestyles. If you want to read a hot romance with true BDSM element, this is the book for you. It explores the submission part of this alternative lifestyle with realism while being kinky, sexy and steamy. And safe.

4. Hardwired – Meredith Wild

Hot Romances Book - Hard Love
Erika Hathaway has worked hard to accomplish everything. Blake London is a rumored hacker and an investor in Erika’s company. There is an undeniable attraction between the two and Erika has to figure out how to balance the responsibility and love. Blake is determined to earn her confidence, but everything blows in the wind when he discovers a secret form Erika’s past.
Hardwired is love story like a roller-coaster, with ups and downs, turn and twists that keep you glued to the pages. The sex scenes are hot, sexy and beautifully described.

5. The Juliette Society – Sasha Grey

Hot Romances Book - Juliette Society
The Juliette Society is a private sex society where everything is permitted. Catherine is a film student who is exploring her sexuality. When she discovers The Juliette Society she has an opportunity to explore her darkest fantasies and begins an adventure full of pleasure that threatens the life she knew.

The Juliette Society is an uncommon coming of age novel, as it follows Catherine discovering herself through her sexuality, with the help of Jack, the male protagonist. The narrative is amazing and the characters are well structured. The sex scenes, that are pivotal to the Catherine’s, development are raw, steamy and racy.

6. Fire After Dark – Sadie Matthews

Hot Romances Book - Fire After Dark
Fire After Dark will take you on an intense adventure along with Beth and Dominic. Beth is an innocent country girl who stalks Dominic to a private sex club. They go to dates to get to know each other, and as the story progresses they fall in love. But Dominic is a dom and Beth is not so well versed in bed.
The intense love story and the passionate sex scenes make this novel a page turner. Dominic is like a dream man come true. He is patient and loving to the young Beth. He cares for her needs and introduces her to his world with gentleness and tries to accommodate her into his life. This hot romance novel continues past where 50 Shades of Grey left off.

7. Gabriel’s Inferno – Sylvain Reynard

Hot Romances Book - Gabriel's Inferno
Gabriel Emerson is a tortured Dante specialist and professor who is looking for his Beatrice. Julia Mitchell, innocent and chaste, is a student who enrolls for his course. She is drowned by his mysterious demeanor, but Gabriel tries to keep her at arm’s length because the walls he has put up might crumble.

Gabriel’s Inferno is a steamy and dangerous romance between two opposites. If you like teacher – student hot romances or you were in love with one of your teachers this is the book for you. This is a captivating love story with a sinful side and characters that you will like from the first words.

7.Fury on Fire – Sophie Jordan

Hot Romances Book - Fury On Fire
This romance book is an unusual boy next door story. North Callagham is an ex-con and tries to run from his problems by working day and night. Faith, his neighbor, is the type of woman who needs a man on whom she can count on. But she finds the grumpy and impolite man that lives next door sexy.

This is a slow romance and the book doesn’t put you in the middle of it. There isn’t instant lust between the characters and this gives you time to savor what is happening between them. The steamy scenes are passionate and hot. Follow as good girl Faith falls in love with her dangerous man next door, North.

8. Complete Me – J. Kenner

Hot Romances Book - Complete Me
What do you do when the man that fills your void is an arrogant, impossible, domineering man? Nikki Fairchild, a southern belle, tries to answer this question, while slowly falling in love with Damien Stark, a man who doesn’t take no for an answer. They both have been wounded in the past and now they try to accommodate each other while protecting themselves from the other, so they won’t get hurt again.

A smoldering hot romance with BDSM elements and raw characters that are perfect for each other. This is a fast paced novel that may have you looking at your other half with new eyes.

9. On Dublin Street – Samantha Young

Hot Romances Book - On Dublin Street
Jocelyn Butler runs from her tumultuous past in Scotland, to an apartment on Dublin Street, where she starts a new life without attachments. Her life is peaceful and calm until she meets Braden Carmichael, her flat mate’s brother. Braden is determined to bring the beautiful Jocelyn into his bed, so he proposes something she can’t refuse. But a night of steamy sex is not enough for Braden and discovers that he wants more.
This is a slow burning but hot romance with passionate, lustful sex and independent well written characters you can fall in love with. The pacing is fast and the Scottish surroundings bring a plus of beauty to this already amazing narrative.

Be My Valentine Romance Book List

Be My Valentine Romance Book List

Celebrate Valentines Day with a romance book for two.  WhyToRead brings you lists of romantic novels from the historic, the fantasy and through to the (a little bit) naughty.  And dont miss our list of the Greatest Love Stories of All Time too.  Perfect reading for Valentines Day.

Originating in Ancient Roman days, with the Feast of Lupercalia, Valentines day has come a long way. It originally involved sacrificing  goats and dogs and whipping women with these hides to make them fertile.  Yes, the women apparently volunteered.

But actual the name came later – when Emperor Claudius II executed (Mr) Valentine on February the 14th. Twice.  That’s two different (Mr) Valentines, two executions and two Feb 14th’s.   Now we honor their martyrdom courtesy of the Catholic Church with St Valentines Day.

Some time later, another Emperor merged the two for the ‘best’ of both worlds.

So historically Valentines Day, aka Feast of Lupercalia, is a day of fertility, love and sacrifice.

For you and your sweet valentine  – herewith a list of our Best Romance Book Lists so you can pick and choose something to read together.  Just dont sacrifice the book or beat any women with it. Please.

Valentine’s Day Romance Book Lists

Valentine Romance Book List
Best Selling  Romance books

Hot Romance Books to share

Vampire Romance with a bit of fang.

Naughty Sci Fi Romance books

Historical Romance books

Funny Historical Romance Books Xmas 2016

Funny Historical Romance Books Xmas 2016

The only thing better than historical romance at WhyToRead is funny historical romance novels. Who didn’t laugh and enjoy the witty repartee of Elizabeth and Darcy (Pride and Prejudice). Georgette Heyer is another historical romance writer well known for her humorous situations and dialog.  Today this list introduces you to more funny historical romance writers.

Some of these books are a bit hotter than Pride and Prejudice, but with the humor still prevalent worth a read by the most conservative.

1. Compromised – Kate Nobel

Funny Historical Romance - Compromised
What does a lady do when her sister is found in a compromising position with a gentleman? Gail is an intelligent, witty, funny and independent woman, but doesn’t really fit in a conservative, early 19th century English patriarchal society. Maximillian is some sort of messed up version of a knight in shining armor.

Compromised is an exciting historical novel fueled with intrigue, heat break, very funny dialogue and strong characters. Kate Nobel does an amazing job of placing strong willed women in a historical society, without making the reader feel like they are out of place. She also crowns this love story with steamy sex scenes that are the jewels of an illicit romance.

Enjoy reading as Gail and Max’s love story unfolds in this fast paced, beautifully written and funny historical romance novel.

2. Dreaming of You – Lisa Kleypas

Funny Historical Romance - Dreaming of You
Sara Fielding likes to find adventure in life with her pen and paper. Derek Craven, the lord of an exclusive gambling house, is a dark, mysterious and dangerous man. When Derek has to work with Sara after she accidentally saves his life, both their lives change, as unexpectedly as you can imagine.

Mousy Sara become a seductive, assertive and passionate woman that Derek wants to protect. Gradually Derek learns to let Sara into his life and of course slowly falls in love.

Dreaming of You is a steamy love story that reminds us of Jane Austin’s writing. The historical placement is beautiful, the romance is agonizingly slow to develop and the characters are flawed and well built with depth and realism. Top this off with steamy romance, strong characters and funny scenes that left us laughing out loud.

3. Romancing Mister Bridgerton – Julia Quinn

Funny Historical Romance - Romancing Mister Bridgerton
Romancing Mister Bridgerton is an historical romance with a twist on the “celebrity in the public eye” theme. Colin Bridgerton, a charming socialite of London wants to escape the gossip columns and prove that he is more than a pretty face. Penelope Featherington has known and liked Colin, her best friend’s brother, for most of her life.  When Colin returns to London and they meet again, and a spark is ignited. They both have secrets and they both try to keep them buried, but life has other plans for them.

We loved the forth installment of Bridgerton by Julia Quinn. Besides the steamy romance and the amazing love story, the mystery around the characters secrets kept us glued to the pages.  With strong characters so lively that we expected them to jump from the page into reality this series continues to amuse.

4. Trials of Artemis – Sue London

Funny Historical Romance - Trials of Artemis
Trials of Artemis is a historical romance novel with an unusually strong feminist perspective. The heroine of this novel grows up in a ‘club’ that replaces the woman’s name with their equivalent of man names and encourages them to to ‘boys’ activities. So Jacqueline plays being Jack; and grows up into an independent woman who is not that into the idea of marriage. Until she meets Gideon Wolfe, the Earl of Harrington. Gideon is also independent and smart but and with some typical preconceived ideas about women.

When the two of them are forced to get married, they struggle to make the relationship work. But it’s not that easy. They bump heads, fight about Jacqueline’s feminist views, and don’t take each other seriously. But in the end, after a steamy and emotional (and quite funny) rollercoaster, they figure out how to enjoy the relationship and each other.

Sue London stays true to the era, but the views Jacqueline has, makes Trials of Artemis a romance that surpasses time, and is quite relevant.

5. Forbidden – Tracy Cooper-Posey & Julia Templeton

Funny Historical Romance - Forbidden
Elisa is in a dark place in her life. Her cheating husband has died, she can’t find her son, she can’t support herself and vicious rumors are flying about her. The solutions to all these problems is to find a wealthy husband. Vaughn is attracted by Elisa’s innocence, and soon he will discover the raw sensuality she keeps hidden. A scorching seduction follows with a Forbidden romance.

The historical placement is accurate and gives the book an interesting edge. The characters are well defined and the writing is exquisite.

6. Desperate for a Duke – Ella J. Quince

Funny Historical Romance - Desparate for a Duke
Miss Heather Everly’s family is broke after the patriarch dies and leaves them in debt. After she writes the Duke of Ablehill offering her hand in marriage, he sends his stewart, Fallon Calder to be convinced that Heather is suitable to be his Duchess. There is an instant attraction between Heather and Fallon, and so their problems begin.

We loved Desperate for a Duke.  A well written historical romance with humorous dialogue, colorful characters,and steamy scenes. The love triangle kept the pages turning to unravel how the voice of reason or the desire of the heart would prevail.

If you might enjoy funny historical romance, or just need a break; then give these novels a try.

Visit some of our other Romance lists for more inspiration.

A Romance Novel or Two for the Weekend

A Romance Novel or Two for the Weekend

This list of romance novel to brighten your weekend includes viking romance, Scottish romance, regency romance and even good old New York Romance.  Broaden your history knowledge. Cosy up in the cooler autumn weather.  They’re as good excuses as any to read a romance novel.

Viking Romance Novels

1. Odin’s Shadow – Erin S Riley

romance novel - Odin's Shadow
Odin’s Shadow follows the story of headstrong Selia as she pines to join the Vikings in 19th century Ireland. When her father tries to marry her off to a nobleman, she knows that the sea is her only way out.  After meeting and later marrying the handsome Viking Arlik, she learns that people are not always what they seem.  Her husband is darker than she imagined.   As secrets come out, Selia starts to question her own intentions: did she marry Arlik to get away from her controlling father or for love? This story is the first in the Odin’s Son series, and you can follow Selia’s romantic journey in two more books.

2. Beautiful Wreck – Larissa Brown

romance novel - Beautiful Wreck
Ginn is a romantic at heart, but her Prince Charming may not be in this century. Set in futuristic Finland, Beautiful Wreck takes us on a time-traveling adventure to 920 A.D. Ginn is pulled back into time where she meets Heirik, a Viking leader who is feared and brutal. Will fate bring them together or will Ginn have to return to her time and forget about him? Larissa Brown gives us a well-researched novel that transports you to a different era. The romance scenes are not explicit; instead, Beautiful Wreck is about exploring love like you have never read before.

Scottish Romance Novel

3. Outlander – Diana Gabaldon

romance novel - Outlander
This classic romance story takes you time travelling through Scotland from 1945 to 1742. Outlander is a best seller and the story of Claire Randall is tantalising and troublesome. Finding herself transported back in time, Claire meets Jamie Fraser: a rugged warrior with a will to fight. Outlander is full of adventure, romance and time travelling love. Claire must choose between Jamie and her husband back in her time. Readers can expect graphic romance with lots of details. Even though it’s a long read, you won’t be disappointed with the descriptions of the Scottish Highlands and the attraction between Claire and Jamie. Outlander has even been adapted into a highly successful TV series.

New York Romance Novel

4. The Gilded Hour – Sara Donati

romance novel - The Gilded Hour
The Gilded Hour is not your typical boy meets girl romance but rather a story about how love can be transformative. Set in 1883 New York City, the story follows two young female doctors as they step into their medical practice. Cousins Sophie and Anne are thrust into a world of the poor and the sick. When Anne meets four children who have lost everything, she must decide if she can let this desire for motherhood consume her heart. Or if she can and must remain detached and professional. Written with beautiful descriptions, this is a story about women’s rights, medicine and the power of love.

English and Regency Romance

5. The Debutante is Mine – Vivienne Lorret

romance novel - The Debutante is Mine
Lilah Appleton needs to find a wealthy husband or else she will be married to her cousin. Born into aristocracy, she should be looking for a Lord. The Debutante is Mine follows Lilah in her quest for a husband. Explores how she lands up with a man who is worlds apart. Jack hates the aristocracy and he should not like Lilah, but their past and their dark secrets push them together once again. The romance is tender and does not push any extreme boundaries as it explores the relationship between class and two lovable characters. Get ready to go to the ball with Lilah, Jack, and intrigue.

6. A Lady’s Guide to Kiss a Rake – Tanya Wilde

romance novel - A Lady's Guide to Kiss A Rake
A Lady’s Guide to a Kiss a Rake takes a strong woman and drops her into a world of over-protective males. When Lady Josephine is dared to kiss the debaucherous Damien Grenville, she thinks it will be easy. Her brothers try to stop her and she secretly knows that Grenville will ruin her family’s reputation and drag her down. Damien can’t help but fall for the headstrong girl, and when she gets in too deep, he must get her back. Tanya Wilde is a new author and this story is full of comedy, tragedy and just enough steaminess to keep it clean.

7. Portrait of a Forbidden Lady – Kathleen Bittner Roth

romance novel - Portrait of a Forbidden Lady
When newly widowed Lady Georgiana Cressington finds herself back in her hometown, she can’t help but bump into her past. Set in 1859 England, Portrait of a Forbidden Lady follows Georgiana as she learns to navigate the dangerous high-stakes gambling her father is embroiled in. She has a son to protect, a name to uphold, but when Sir Robert Garreck enters her life again, she is not sure where her allegiances lie. This is not a “bodice ripping” love story but rather a tender one that shows us how some loves never die, no matter the secrets and betrayals that get in the way. Kathleen Bittner Roth is a new author, but this story should not be missed out on.

9 More Historical Romance Books

9 More Historical Romance Books

It’s no surprise romance books are the biggest genre.  With so many settings, almost every book can be a romance (even Harry Potter. Well, maybe not).

Our fascination with other times and cultures is well suited to a romance story. The social interaction, manners and cultural constraints between characters key to the historical romance books success.

TMI? Just looking for good historical romance books? Then Read On.

1. Texas Destiny – Lorraine Heath

historical romance books - Texas Destinyhistorical romance books
Book 1 of 3. Being a mail order bride is no glamorous life. When Amelia Carson is bought by Dallas Leigh, a strange man in Fort Worth, she could have never imaged that she would find love. No less with her husband’s brother. Texas Destiny explores the devastation of the civil war, the blossoming of love and how people are what not what you expect. Amelia would never have thought she would fall in love with Houston; a man badly scared, and one-eyed. Texas Destiny is part of a trilogy that follows the Leigh brothers in their quest for love.

2. The Serpent Garden – Judith Merkle Riley

historical romance books - The Serpent Gardenhistorical romance books
When you mix the Court of Henry VIII with mystery, the supernatural and romance, there is no doubt that you are in for a thrill. The Serpent Garden follows the adventures of Susanna Dallet, an intelligent and resourceful woman who gets a job as a portrait painter in the infamous court. She gets caught up in the wonder, the scandals, the romance and a battle with bloodthirsty demons. Can a woman navigate all that and find real love? This is truly a crossing of genres and the historical details twisted with the supernatural will have you trying to separate fact from fiction.

3. The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie – Jennifer Ashely

historical romance books - Madness of Lord Ian Mackenziehistorical romance books
Falling in love with a mysterious man is nothing new in romance novels. Falling in love with a mad man is. In The Madness of Lord Ian, Mackenzie Beth Ackerley can’t help but fall in love with the Scottish nobleman, who society has labelled as crazy. She is a window, a woman with a boring life who suddenly finds herself in a lustful relationship with a mad man. Could she be mad herself? This novel is one of dark love, of people taking what they want and of listening to your heart. This is another great novel by the award-winning Jennifer Ashley and forms part of her Mackenzie series. Book 1 of 8.

4. Slightly Married – Mary Balogh

historical romance books - Slightly Marriedhistorical romance books
Being marriage-shy is not a trait most noble men have. That is noblemen in the Bedwyn’s family. When Aiden Bedwyn promises to fulfill the dying wish of a soldier, he would have never imaged the problems of the heart and mind it would bring. Slightly Married not only follows Aiden in his quest to protect a woman but also treats us to the social affairs and naughty dalliances of the Bedwyn family. Will Aiden’s marriage proposal to the headstrong Eve be nothing more than a business transaction or will there something more for the two?

5. Ravished – Amanda Quick

historical romance books - Ravishedhistorical romance books
This Beauty and the Beast like story will have you enthralled from beginning to end. We meet Harriet Pomeroy, a lady with one quest in mind, to find herself a man. A man who can protect her and her property from thieves. Her plan may have backfired when she learns her ‘savior’ is a terrifying looking Gideon Westbrook, a viscount with a strange past and a scarred face. Will the man that is called ‘the devil’ be what she is looking for or will he ultimately be more? Ravished is about more than falling in love with the beast, it is about love’s triumph over all sorts of trials.

6. The Duke and I – Julia Quinn

historical romance books - The Duke and Ihistorical romance books
Not all marriages are based on love. Some are shams. The Duke and I follows Daphne Bridgerton and her fiancé Simon Basset as they try and outwit London society. She is nearly too old to marry, and he is afraid of being tied to some snobbish upper-class lady. So, they have decided to get married, because it just makes sense. What started out as a mutually beneficial agreement may be turning into love. Will the two finally realize that their marriage plans may be based on real love rather than necessity? Julia Quinn is the #1 Author on the Amazon list of Best Romance Novels sold for Kindles. And this is just Book 1 of 9 too.

7. The Duchess War – Courtney Milan

historical romance books - The Duchess Warhistorical romance books
Miss Minerva Lane is happy to be a wallflower. She hates being the center of attention and knows how badly it can end when all eyes are on you. Trying to escape her scandalous past is no easy task when a handsome duke tempts her. Can she remain in the background or will her cunning ways return to her? The Duchess Wars gives us a strong female character who quietly knows how to play a man to her advantage. Not all wallflowers are tame and timid, and Minerva is set to uncover Robert Blaisdell’s secrets. She has to, or he will expose hers. Tension and romance intertwine in this clever plot. Book 1 of 4.

8. A Rogue by Any Other Name – Sarah Maclean

historical romance books - A Rogue by Any Other Namehistorical romance books
It is not easy for a man of wealth to suddenly find himself as an underground gambling man. The Marquess of Bourne wants to be back on top and marrying the prim, and proper Lady Penelope Marbury may be the way to get there. However, it may not be that simple when Penelope’s lust and curiosity of the underworld seem to be tempting her deeper. Can he now protect the woman who was supposed to be his saviour? And can her sexual awakening be stopped? A Rogue by Any Other Name is the 1st in The Rules of Scoundrel Series.

9. Flowers from the Storm – Laura Kinsale

historical romance books - Flowers from the Stormhistorical romance books
When you pair up a handsome but debaucherous Duke with the timid daughter of a mathematician you know there is bound to be trouble. Called by many the ‘best historical romance novel ever, Flowers from the Storm is full of twists and turns. When the Duke ( Christian Langland) suffers an accident that leaves him without his speech, it is the once timid Maddy that comes to his aid. Can she fall in love with a man she once despised? Or are the two just too different?This is truly a touchy story about disability, love and how we can all turn a new leaf.

After romance books a little more racy? Try our hottest erotic romance list

10 Top Historical Romance Novels

10 Top Historical Romance Novels

Lazy summer days and hot historical romance novels.  What more could we want at WhyToRead?

You might think these books are cheap entertainment with the occasional bit of history thrown in.  But historical romance novels have more to offer than you might think.

From interesting relationship situations to a peek into history and manners from another time and place.  Many authors research their historical period thoroughly, making their stories accurate in background and details.

And of course, using our imagination is healthy and good for us.  Many romance novels are also quite humorous.  A good funny book that makes us laugh is priceless.

So whether its hot historical romance escapism, or a peek into history, you’ll enjoy this list.

1. Lord of Scoundrels – Loretta chase

Historical Romance - Lord of Scoundrels
Sometimes, it takes a beautiful strong woman to bring a man to his knees. When Jessica Trent sets out to protect her brother from the menacing habits of the Marquess of Diain (Sebastian Ballister), she had not planned to fall for the arrogant man. She can’t help but want him and he can’t help himself after she kisses him. Lord of Scoundrels is full of high society love, scandalous affairs and just enough romance to keep it hot. Jessica has ruined the reputation of Sebastian and he is on her trail, hot and wanting. He will have her at any cost; even forced marriage.

2. Any Duchess Will Do – Tessa Dare.

Historical Romance - Any Duchess Will Do
Griffin York (the Duke of Halford) will not be forced to marry. He hates the idea of being tied down but his mother will hear nothing of it. Any Duchess Will Do gives us a culture clash between the world of dukes and that that of barmaids and servants. Halford has found love but not with a lady with a fancy title but with Pauline: a barmaid with a dream. She is smart, witty and driven, everything that Halford does not see in the other duchess. Will he risk his fall from society for the ‘simple girl? Or can he make his mother see that she is his duchess in her own right?

3. The Preachers Promise – Piper G Huguley

Historical Romance - The Preachers Promise
After the American Civil War, a lot has to change. Amanda Stewart, a school teacher from the North, decides that she wants to start a school for the formerly enslaved. She wants to teach reading and writing, help her people achieve. The Preacher’s Promise takes us on a journey to the South where people do not welcome Amanda’s enthusiasm; not even the handsome mayor and part-time preacher; Virgil. The tension is hot and secrets are a plenty. Will Virgil fulfill his ex-wife’s dying wish and let his daughter learn to read? And will Amanda melt the heart of the stone cold mayor?  Perhaps not your typical historical romance but worth reading.

4. Something Like Love – Beverley Jenkins

Historical Romance - Something Like Love
When Olivia decided to move to Chicago and become a seamstress she never imagined that she would be voted a mayor of a small town or fall in love with an outlaw. Something Like Love is more than just an interracial love story. It is about justice, about falling in love and about doing the right thing, even when it feels so wrong. Olivia and Neil know their love is wrong but he can’t help but love the strong willed woman and something about this bad boy nature sets her aflame. Beverly Jenkins is an award winning historical romance author and this book is the quintessential good girl – bad boy romance.

5. Brazen – Susan Johnson

Historical Romance - Brazen
American playboys are known for wanting beautiful women they can’t have. Brazen tells the story of Kit Braddock, an American adventurer who falls in love with a lady that has it all. Not only is she rich and extremely beautiful but she is Countess Angela de Grae. She is everything he should not want. Will love be able to blossom between a woman of noble birth and the American with little but his heart? There is treachery, desperation but above all courage and the triumph of true love Can Kit’s love for the beguiling Countess show her that true love does exist?

6. Devil in Winter – Lisa Kleypas

Historical Romance - Devil in Winter
Marrying a shy, pretty lady to a lustful Viscount may not seem like the best idea. When Evie is conveniently married off to a womanizing count she could never have foreseen the dark plot that would unravel. Devil in Winter is a book about mismatched lovers who ultimately realize the triumph of love; even if that means ultimatums must be set and Evie must prove her strength. There is love, deception, enemies of the past all set against the complexities of Victorian England. A truly enthralling read which forms part of Lisa Kleypas’ Wallflower series. Even shy girls get a shot at love.

7. A passion Most Pure – Julie Lessman

Historical Romance - A Passion Most Pure
How can a girl, who promised to put God first, fall passionately in love? Faith O’ Connor finds herself falling in love with her sister’s suitor? It does not help that the handsome Colin McGuire has fallen for her too. How can she retain her faith while falling for a man who tests her devotion to her sister and to God? This is the first book in Lessman’s series entitled Daughter of Boston which intertwines faith with the trials of love. Faith needs to figure out what her hearts want and face the consequences. This is a real page-turner that will appeal to both Christians and lovers of all historical romance novels.

8. Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake – Sarah MacLean

Historical Romance - Nine Rules to Break when Romancing a Rake
Callie is a plump, plain 28-year-old who knows that in high society her chances at finding a husband are over, or so she and her family thought. With her spinster title looming she decides to make a bucket lust of nine scandalous things she wants to do before she dies. There is passion, debauchery, and enough scandal to topple Victorian high society. Nine Rules to Break is a witty story that brings all sorts of saucy scenarios together. There are passionate kisses, good looking counts and masked rendezvous. Will Callie have a shot a true love after all?

9. Almost Heaven – Judith McNaught

Historical Romance - Almost Heaven
There is nothing worse for a ladies’ reputation than being found in the arms of a mysterious man. Elizabeth Cameron, a Countess, can’t help but lust after the devilish handsome Ian Thornton; a man who is secretly wealthy and too suave for his own good. Almost Heaven is a saucy novel that takes us from London High society to the Scottish Highlands in search of the truth. Is there more to Ian Thornton than Elizabeth would like to think? Love may be on the cards for this countess but the price may be higher than she expected. Judith McNaught is a New York Times bestselling author and her historical romance stories are not to be missed.

10. Years – LaVyrle Spencer

Historical Romance - Years
Being a teacher in 1917 is no easy task. When Linnea Brandonberg takes her first teaching job she had no idea that she would have to grow up so fast. With World War 1 on the brink and her life in the air, she seems to have nowhere to turn. That is until Teddy Westgaard , a man who thought he would never fall in love again comes onto the scene. Years is a story that is about much more about love. It is about womanhood and fighting for what you believe in, even when war is at your doorstep.

Best Military Sexy Novels

Best Military Sexy Novels

We all like a bit of romance in our lives. So military sexy novels with romance, suspense and bit of erotica has to be even better. Surely.

Join with us in trying these sexy novels in the military flavor each part of a series that will titillate you for hours.  (If vampires are more your thing, we completely understand and suggest you try this list instead.)

5 of the Best Military Sexy Novels

1. Mine To Take (volume 1)– Cynthia Eden

military sexy novelsmilitary sexy novels
If you are a fan of Cynthia Eden or just someone who likes a little dark romance, then Mine To Take is for you. The novel follows Skye and her mysterious stalker. With haunting characters like ex-military Trace Weston, there is sexual tension, dark passion, and suspense across every page. Eden is the queen of writing strong alpha males and Trace is no exception. He takes what he wants. This novel pushes the boundaries of lust and obsession and makes you care for Skye while secretly wanting Trace to yourself. Overall, Mine To Take takes you on a journey full of all the saucy twists and will have you holding onto your bedsheets for all sorts of reasons.  Better yet, it is the first in a successful series so you read on!

2. The Darkest Hour (A KGI novel) – Maya Banks

military sexy novelsmilitary sexy novels
The Darkest Hour is one of those gritty novels you can’t help but love. It has everything from drug cartels, memory loss, sex and all-around mystery. Ethan Kelly, the sexy ex-navy seal has to deal with what he thought was his wife’s death. The action sequences are beautifully mirrored with quite family ones; making it no ordinary erotica. Bank’s tries to make us understand Rachel and Ethan’s emotional dilemmas while giving us the hot sex you expect from her. While there are a lot of characters to wrap your head around the story is exciting enough that you get absorbed into all the action. The Darkest Hour is part of the KGI series of 10 books..

3. The Arrow – Monica McCarthy

military sexy novelsmilitary sexy novels
There is nothing like mixing historical romance with handsome Scottish Highlanders. Monica McCarthy does it so well with this 9th instalment of her Highland Guard series. In this novel, we get the chance to see Gregory MacGregor take on both battles and the affections of the orphan he saved five years ago: Cate Lochmaben. Cate is now a strong woman and she wants the hunky archer who saved her as a girl. The novel is full of battles, strong female and male characters and steamy romance while remaining historically accurate. McCarthy ensures that every part of this novel is well paced and that you are either screaming for Gregory to win in a battle or at how he is too blind to see what a great woman Cate is.

4. Captured – Jasinda Wilder and Jack Wilder

military sexy novelsmilitary sexy novels
Love in the time of war is hard. Jasinda and Jack Wilder give us an emotional recount of a couple trying to reconnect after war. What makes this book such a good read is that it combines steamy sex with real emotions. It’s a feeling roller-coaster from beginning to end. Told through the points of view of both Derek and Reagan we learn about how horrible war is and what it means to really connect again. Jasinda and Jack are a formidable team and in Captured, they take you on a journey into the minds of two fractured people who ultimately heal.

5. A Cold Dark Place – Toni Anderson

military sexy novelsmilitary sexy novels
If the idea of betrayal, secret agents, and passionate sex gets you hot under the collar A Cold Dark Place is perfect. The story follows a hunky Alex Parker, an ex- CIA assassin who falls in love with possibly the “wrong girl” – an FBI agent.  Toni Anderson gives us all the action that you could want and teams it up a passionate relationship. I was biting my nails through this. The relationship between Alex and the Mallory is very believable and the trails that Alex needs to go though in order to win her are heart wrenching. Make sure to add these military sexy novels (series) to your collection; you won’t regret it.

8 Greatest Love Stories of All Time

8 Greatest Love Stories of All Time

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, what better reading than the 8 greatest love stories of all time?

Serenade your loved one with your favorite romantic passages from these great love stories. Read them together on the couch with a glass of wine. Quote passages at each other till you fall into bed….

For the singles out there, curl up and be swept away to another world for a romantic moment or two with the greatest romance novels ever.

Instead of red roses, we give you 8 Greatest Love Stories, ever.

(they’ll last way longer than roses).

1. Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

Greatest Love Stories of All Time

Reading Austen’s novel is taking a journey back in time to 19th century England, where men held all the power and women navigated their way through various societal norms to find happiness. Pride and Prejudice centers on the story of a country squire trying to marry off his five daughters, or risk losing everything to a distant relative upon his death. At the heart of all the drama is the romance between the witty, intelligent, second daughter, Elizabeth Bennett, and her proud aristocratic suitor, Mr. Darcy. Filled with social commentary, memorable characters and humor, Austen’s novel is a timeless masterpiece in English literature that will never go out of style. A classic romance full, as the title suggests, of pride & prejudice that must be overcome to be fulfilled.

2. Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

Greatest Loves Stories of All Time

In a genre that often depicts women as helpless victims of circumstance, Jane Eyre is a gothic romance that stands out for its strong female lead. Written in the voice of the titular character, the novel features many familiar elements – namely, dark family secrets, tragedy and triumph of good over evil. Throw an atmospheric setting and a cast of complex characters in the mix, and we have a book so rightfully deserving of its status as a classic, and one of the greatest love stories of all time.

3. Romeo and Juliet – William Shakespeare

Greatest Love Stories

For centuries, Shakespeare’s play about a pair of doomed lovers has captured the hearts and imagination of many, evident by the countless adaptations and re-tellings in various mediums. Even the title has become synonymous with tragic romance. At its core, Romeo & Juliet is a tale of young love that ends in tragedy due to generational conflict. Although many people became familiar with the play from reading it in book format, it should be reminded that Shakespeare wrote his plays to be performed, not read. So, while reading is an excellent way to appreciate Shakespeare’s quotable prose, you should opt to watch the play performed or see a film adaptation to truly enjoy the love story.

4. Gone with the Wind – Margaret Mitchell

Greatest Love Stories

It is not really fair to dismiss Margaret Mitchell’s classic romance novel as the grandmother of paperback bodice-ripping romances based on its well-known movie adaptation. Scratch the surface of the love story set during the Civil War, and you have a vivid depiction of a bygone era where survival is a struggle. The movie may have cemented the romance between Rhett and Scarlett in pop culture, but it failed to capture much of the depth of the characters and plot, which can only be enjoyed by reading the novel.

5. The Phantom of the Opera – Gaston Leroux

Greatest Love Stories

Most people are familiar with Leroux’s original novel as the source of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s highly acclaimed musical. Actually reading the novel, however, one may just be left wondering if it is based on a true story – such is the power of Leroux’s compelling storytelling. It is a captivating gothic tale of obsessive unrequited love, told in a somewhat slow and steady but never boring pace. You will not listen to the song Music of the Night the same way again after reading the classic source material.

6. Antony and Cleopatra – William Shakespeare

Greatest Love Stories

At its most basic, the main couple are far from likable characters. Cleopatra is temperamental and manipulative, while Mark Antony neglects his duties as a soldier once he falls in love with the Egyptian queen. However, readers (or with the original play, audiences) will find them oddly fascinating while watching their love affair bring down an empire. Part epic romance and part tragedy, Antony and Cleopatra is written in Shakespeare’s characteristic intelligent and eloquent prose that gives the story a sense of grandeur and timelessness.

7. Helen of Troy – Margaret George

Greatest Love Stories

There have been many interpretations and portrayals of the woman known as “the face that launched a thousand ships” in literature, theatre and film. What differentiates George’s novel from those that came before is that she portrays Helen with a degree of humanness that is rarely explored. In many modern takes of Helen, she is often depicted as conceited, shallow and selfish, whereas George paints a picture of Helen as an ordinary woman of her time. The Helen of Troy that George has written is not a woman with unrivalled beauty, but a real and identifiable person – the kind of heroine readers can sympathize with.

8. Anna Karenina – Leo Tolstoy

Greatest Love Stories

Known as one of the greatest novels of all time, Tolstoy’s novel is one of the earliest works that brilliantly depicts the depth of the human soul. Although the novel tells a love story between a married socialite and her disastrous affair with a Count, all the characters – male and female – are treated with the equal seriousness and humanness by the author. It is no wonder that some literary buffs regard Anna Karenina as a tragic romance on par with the works of Shakespeare.

5 Must Read Sexy, Steamy and Erotic Novels

5 Must Read Sexy, Steamy and Erotic Novels

For fans of erotic literature, we compiled a list of some of the best erotic novels ever written, part 2 (first post here).

1. Kushiel’s Legacy Series

best erotic novels

A BDSM fantasy story which has become a bestseller. Not just a great erotic story, but it has depth and great character development.

2. Outlander – Diana Gabaldon

best erotic novels

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon is romance/scifi/fantasy/historical fiction and it’s got some great sex scenes and spanking!

3. Her Master’s Teacher – Lily White

best erotic novels

Her Master’s Teacher is a stunning combination of a student/teacher premise with taboo and captivity themes that lends itself to some serious introspection for all readers.

4. Delta of Venus – Anais Nin

best erotic novels

Delta of Venus joyously explores the art of human sexuality. Anais Nin’s writing style is at once lyrical and straightforward

5. Story of O: A Novel – Pauline Reage

best erotic novels

This was written in 1954; forget 50 Shades and give this a try for some classic erotic literature on bondage and submission.

Best Selling Books: 8 Best Selling Romance Novels Everyone Must Read

Best Selling Books: 8 Best Selling Romance Novels Everyone Must Read

Best Selling BooksBest Selling Books

Romance novels are some of the best selling books in the literature and fiction genre, and not just around valentines day. A romance book can take you to a romantic world, a world of love and warmth. They can make you laugh, they can make you cry, and as a fan of literature, a romance novel can be a book which has it all. The books below are the best selling books in the romance genre.

8 Best Selling Romance Novels Everyone Must Read

1. The Fault in Our Stars – John Green

Best Selling Books Romance

The Fault in Our Stars is the story of two 16-year-olds who meet at a cancer support group. Hazel Lancaster, the narrator, is has terminal thyroid cancer which has ravaged her lungs enough to necessitate the use of an oxygen tank. It is during a support meeting that she is introduced to Augustus Waters, whose leg was claimed by a malignant bone tumor and who soon becomes the object of her love. Let the romance ensue.

2. Hopeless – Colleen Hoover

Best Selling Books Romance

This story is about a hopeless boy, Dean Holder with his dark hair, blue eyes and dimples. He has a history among his peers for moodiness and aggression.
Linden “Sky” Davis is our heroine, who at 17 years old is not your typical high school girl. Their story will have you gripped to the book until the end.

3. Safe Haven – Nicholas Sparks

Best Selling Books Romance

Beautiful, young Katie arrives in a small southern town, Southport, North Carolina. She rents a small cabin and works in a local restaurant, then meets the local widowed grocer, Alex and his two young children. Apparently, she is keeping a low profile and is very secretive, but that doesn’t last long.

4. Water For Elephants – Sara Gruen

Best Selling Books Romance

The main character is a sharp 93-year-old man, and his frustration at being trapped in an old man’s body is palpable. The story of his incredible life and adventures with the Benzini Brothers circus unfolds in a way that is emotionally wrenching, and yet flashes of good humor pervade throughout.

5. Me Before You: A Novel – Jojo Moyes

Best Selling Books Romance

Louisa’s life is lackluster and she’s completely content with ‘playing it safe’. Not that she’s ever allowed herself to contemplate how different things could possibly be if she took more risks. But when she loses her job at the tea shop she accepts a temporary 6 month position as a caregiver to a quadriplegic Will Traynor, her life takes a new twist.

6. The Rosie Project: A Novel – Graeme Simsion

Best Selling Books Romance

Professor Don Tillman is unmarried, and he things he needs a wife. While Don’s physical attributes and career should make him an attractive husband, his lack of social skills has resulted in a track record of bad dating experiences. His pursuit of a wife is both hilarious and gripping.

7. The Longest Ride – Nicholas Sparks

Best Selling Books Romance

Ira Levinson is over 90 but still driving when he crashes off the road into snow and ice. Badly injured and waiting for rescue he reflects on his life with his beloved wife Ruth who died a few years earlier. In delirium Ruth returns to encourage him and talks about their life together.

8. Beautiful Disaster: A Novel – Jamie McGuire

Best Selling Books Romance

Beautiful Disaster is a heartwarming and heartbreaking, beautifully written, wonderfully told, passionate and often witty love story, that doesn’t just explore the warm, sweet side of love, but also the complicated and messy side.

For more best selling books, check our Best Selling Books page.