A Little History to Improve Your Brain

A Little History to Improve Your Brain

A little history on a topic is all you need to give you a broad idea of what happened. You dont always need to read about something in depth. WhyToRead believes a broad knowledge base is a great help to a great brain.

The series A Little History books do just that.  Give you a little history summary on a wide range of topics. Perfect.

1. A Little History of the World – E.H. Gombrich

A Little History of the World
A Little History of the World, written by Gombrich who has a doctorate in history, is focused on the human experience and not on the little events that a young mind might forget. From the Stone Age until the World War Two, he presents how humanity has changed and developed.

This book shows a simplified history and it is full of charm and humor, so it is not a book that only presents the dates, but is focused on the facts that changed history. In only 40 chapters, the author shows us what humanity has achieved and where it stalled. This is a great book to read if you want a little history to know how the world became as we know it today.

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2. A Little History of Philosophy – Nigel Warburton

A Little History of Philosophy
Nigel Warburton makes philosophy accessible to everyone with A Little History of Philosophy. He talks about all the major philosophers and their take on the world, from the metaphysics of Socrates to the realist Peter Singer. The author makes note of all the major philosophical currents and figures.

Warburton doesn’t write a history of philosophy with dates and a sterile presentation of the major trends. No, he relates little stories about the philosophers that sustain their thesis, giving them a little bit of life. This is a great book for everyone interested in philosophy and how the ideas changed in time.

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3. A Little History of the United States – James West Davidson

A Little History of the United States
James West Davidson takes to a journey of struggle and success of a country in A Little History of United States. He begins with the pre-Columbus era and walks us through all the major figures that dominated US history along with the struggles the society had at different times, until the current ones.

This is a fast paced book about the development of small communities, the struggle for freedom and equality and the threats the country had to face and overcome in order to become a world power. A Little History of the United States follows the social and political struggle that come from different ages.

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4. A Little History of Economics – Niall Kishtainy

A Little History of Economics
Economics is a subject with difficult to understand words and concepts when is taught in schools. But A Little History of Economics is fortunately different. The author presents economics as the world progresses with fun and relate-able stories that will help you understand the concepts.

He also talks about the big changes that different economics figures brought to the world. The book covers subjects from barter to world economics while teaching us those hard to gasp concepts that make the world run. The light and humorous tone makes this little history book an enjoyable read.

5. A Little History of Literature – John Sutherland

A Little History of Literature
A Little History of Literature is a course taught by a chatty, funny and colloquial literature professor, or this is how we felt reading this book. John Sutherland talks about the importance of literature, the influences it has had, and how it reflects society. He also reviews the major currents from myths to contemporary fiction and the industry that literature sustains.

A Little History of Literature is the perfect book for everyone looking for a next educational read, for literature lovers and all history buffs. It is full of little tidbits about authors and their stories. The take on literature as a way of life makes this book an amazing read beyond its little history book scope.

6. A Little History of Science – William F. Bynum

A Little History of Science
A Little History of Science is, as you would expect from this series, a book about important inventions and how they changed the world. The book is written in a colloquial style and focuses on facts rather than heavy technical terms and dull dates. The author makes note of the major influences in the science community and how their ideas changed the way people looked at the world we live in. The medical field is vastly developed and all its paradigms are discussed.

William Bynum writes a compelling page turner book about the biggest world changing subject: science. The light tone makes this book easy to read.

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7. A Little History of Religion – Richard Holloway

A Little History of Religion
Like all the books in this Little History series, the title describes what this book is about – it is about history of religion. It is written by a former bishop of the Anglican Church in Scotland. A man who stopped believed in God and became popular broadcaster and writer.

In A Little History of Religion Holloway paints a linear history of world’s religions. He writes about its growth and in some cases decline. At the same time he tries to answer why it is in human nature to seek religion and where the religion comes from. Why is religion so often associated with violence and intolerance. This is very interesting book that will make reader think. It is an easy read (being a little history book) so it can be read by anyone who is interested in an overview on the history of religion.

Easter Books for Adults – a bit of history

Easter Books for Adults – a bit of history

There are a few times a year that we should stop and reflect on life a little. Or a lot.  Today we present some Easter Books for Adults for reflection. From devotional reading to more historical books. Some short stories by classical authors consider the deeper meaning of Easter.  We hope these  Easter Books will add some inspiration to your personal reflections.

1. Killing Jesus: A History – Bill O’Reilly & Martin Dugard

Easter Books for Adults - Killing Jesus
Martin Dugard & Bill O’Rilley are authors of The Killing of Historical Figures series. This is the fourth book in the series. Dugard and O’Rilley rewrite the well known story of death of Jesus, by also putting it into a historical context. The reader will learn many details that are not covered in the Bible. You will find out more about the politics of Jews and Romans, about their religious leaders, about who Herod was, and more.

This book deals more with the history surrounding Jesus death than with religious aspects of his teaching. It is well written and very interesting Easter Book that should be read by all who want to find out more about history of time in which Jesus lived and died.

2. The Cross and the Lynching Tree – James H Cone

Easter Books for Adults - The Cross and the Lynching Tree
Both the cross and the lynching tree are symbols connected with history of African Americans. The lynching tree represents their suffering through the history. The cross represents divine power and salvation and God’s victory over sin and death. The image of Jesus dying on the cross for African Americans is powerful one, and in a way help them overcome hard times and keep the faith in Jesus Christ during the lynching era.

Cone’s book is interesting one. It combines social history, theology and cultural studies and it features many prominent African Americans who fight for justice and their rights. But this book is mostly about victims i.e. people who perished during lynching period. This is not an easy read, but it should be read because it tries to answer difficult questions on how life can be meaningful when so much death and injustice is happening.

3. The Women of Easter – Liz Curtis Higgs

Easter Books for Adults - The Women of Easter
This is a book about biblical women whose name was Mary. It tells the story of the three Marys: Mary of Bethany, Mary of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene. These three played crucial roles before Jesus’s death. Each of these three women encountered Jesus and that changed their lives forever. Mary of Bethany prepares the way for Jesus burial when she anoints his feet. Mary of Nazareth – Jesus mother – was with him throughout his life and death. And Mary Magdalene supports Jesus during his dark hours but she also tells the news about his resurrection.

The author knows Bible well and that is very obvious from this book. She tells the story about three Marys by analyzing, studying, explaining and illustrating roles of them verse-by –verse. This is one very interesting book.

4. Bread & Wine: Readings for Lent and Easter – CS Lewis, CK Chesterton

Easter Books for Adults - Bread & Wine
Lent is a time before Easter. Lent is a time in which Christians are preparing for Easter, a time for contemplation about Jesus sacrifice, death, resurrection. Bread & Wine is a perfect collection of short stories for Lent and Easter. It has 72 stories/ poems/ writings divided into 6 sections: Invitation, Temptation, Passion, Crucifixion, Resurrection and New Life.

Many different authors are featured here from Oscar Wilde, John Donne, Mother Therese, Dylan Thomas, C.S. Lewis etc. There is a variety of writing so each reader will find something for themselves. This is a perfect collection for Lent and Easter time.

5. Easter is Coming: A Devotional Journey with Jesus – Christopher Greer

For Christians, Easter is very important time of the year. It is a time when Christians celebrate what Jesus has done for them. It is a time for contemplation, thinking and prayer. During this time the book Easter Is Coming will be of great help.  This book is a daily study guide that will help Christians to remember the cross and resurrection. During forty seven days a reader can prepare themselves for Easter by reflecting on the importance of Jesus’s death and resurrection. It combines Bible passages with questions for reflection on each passage read. This is a great book  for your for spiritual journey toward Easter.

6. Easter Stories – C.S. Lewis and more

Easter Stories
There are 27 stories written by classical authors like C.S. Lewis, Leo Tolstoy, Selma Lagerlof, Oscar Wilde, Elizabeth Goudge, Maxim Gorky, Ruth Sawyer, and Walter Wangerin and they are all on the topic of Easter. These stories show that Easter is much more than bunnies and eggs and they show the reader a deeper meaning of this religious holiday. But like all collections the quality of the stories does vary a little. The stories also vary in genre; from Biblical fiction to historical fiction. But what all the stories have in common is that they capture spirit of Easter perfectly. Guaranteed to please and add value to your Easter books collection.
This is a nice and inspirational collection that will show Easter in different light and it will be read and reread many times in years to come.