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Logic Books and Language Books

Logic Books Will Teach You How To Argue.

New year, new arguments.  Read these logic books to learn how to put together a solid argument. Logic Books will help you improve your English language skills and learn to overcome fallacies too?  English and logic dont always go together, however this list will help


Top 10 Modern Philosophy Books of 2015

This list of top 10 selling modern philosophy books may seem a little random at times. Its been said you dont read philosophy books, you delve into them to help you answer questions about life, reality, knowledge, values, reason and more. So this varied list of the


Humanism: 5 Essential Humanism Books

What is Humanism? Humanism is defined as: “a rationalist outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters.” Humanists are people who believe in the scientific method as a way of understanding the universe, and attach little significance