5 Essential Graffiti And Street Art Books

Graffiti And Street Art

Street artists have a difficult job. Unlike most artists, they don’t have much time to perfect their art before it goes on display. In fact, they are often creating their graffiti under extreme pressure. These talented individuals use their art form to express political, social and personal opinions in a way that captures their audiences imaginations. Some have even gone on to international acclaim.

Below is a list of the books by these particular street artists and they show case their work, saving you hundreds of thousands of miles of travel, to actually see their work.

5 Most Popular Graffiti And Street Art Books

1. Wall and Piece – Banksy

Graffiti And Street Art

Perhaps the best known street artists in the world, this is a collection of his earlier work. His message: that if the powerful and wealthy get to force-feed consumerist propaganda to citizens via giant billboards… then citizens have the right to reply in kind.

2. Trespass: A History Of Uncommissioned Urban Art – Carlo McCormick

Graffiti And Street Art

This book documents guerrilla art movement from its inception to its recent developments. Exhaustive text. Well documents how key ideas, concepts and themes developed.

3. Graffiti New York – Eric Felisbret

Graffiti And Street Art

This book is pretty complete, covering the subways from the early 70s all the way through modern graffiti.

4. Street World: Urban Art and Culture from Five Continents – Roger Gastman

Graffiti And Street Art

Another good collection which acts as a go to guide for the history of graffiti and street art.

5. Urban Iran – Salar Abdoh

Graffiti And Street Art

The focus here is on graffiti and street art in contemporary Iran along with streets scenes depicting everyday life, especially in the bustling, angry metropolis that is Tehran.