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YA Fiction Adults Will Love

Do you have a hidden secret?  Do you enjoy young adult (YA fiction) and children’s books more than you ‘ought’?  Perhaps this is because good children’s books have an atmosphere that is rarely found in adult novels. Children’s literature often deals openly with the most


Young Adult Books – 3 Fantasy Epics For Everyone

“Young Adult” is not a genre, but simply a marketing niche. Young adult books tend to be fast paced, frequently first person and feature teen protagonists (although the villain is likely to be adult).Young adult novels cover all genres, from space opera to serial killers,

Books for Young Boys That Will Entertain Parents Too.

Many parents read aloud to their very young children as a bonding experience. Bed time stories have been around for centuries. Research shows that reading aloud to young children is important to develop their reading and thinking skills.  Often as children start to develop their

Essential Reading: 10 Good Books to Read for Teens

We often get asked about good books to read for teenagers. Of course, each and every teenager is different, but there are a list of books that are generally regarded as good books to read for all teens. The books on this list have been

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6 Young Adult Books That Are Worth Reading

Young adult books remind us of books like Divergent or Hunger Games, but these books are filled with flat characters who go through the same ‘coming of age’ story that has been stale for a long time. Instead, we’ve found the books that have deep