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Man Booker Prize ShortList Reviews 2016

WhyToRead today brings you  short reviews of the Man Booker Prize shortlist of 6 books from 2016. With this quick glimpse into the contents you can decide if want to try and read further. Push yourself to read something new and stretch your comfort zone.

Roald Dahl books

Roald Dahl | 6 Best Books To Read

When it comes to children’s books, Roald Dahl has written some of the most significant in the genre. His books have influenced a generation, and continue to inspire young people to read. Roald Dahl books are guaranteed to get someone into reading, and many of

Best Books of all Time

Best Books of all Time: 14 Greatest Books Ever Written

To rank the best books of all time, there are many criteria to consider. Are these books ranked based on sales, revenue, longevity or user reviews and ratings? One of the best ways to find out whether a book is worth reading, is a recommendation

Philosophical Literature Books

10 Life Changing Philosophical Literature Books

Philosophical Literature Books Fiction can be a great source of philosophical enlightenment. You don’t have to read non-fiction books written by philosophers to be introduced to new and mind blowing ideas. A great piece of literature written by some of the best writers in our

Best Books to Read in Your 20s

8 Best Books to Read in Your 20s

The 20s. A period in your life when you think you will live forever and you have all the time in the world, and in which you don’t achieve much, most of the time. Your 20s are an incredible time, and with the right inputs,

Books That Will Blow You Away

12 Outstanding Books That Will Blow You Away

A list of great books that will not only blow you away, like the title suggests, but these books¬†are also thought provoking and their impact stays with you long after you’ve read the book. Any genre of literature can fit into this category and as

Books That Will Make You Proud And Satisfied To Have Read

8 Books That Will Make You Proud And Satisfied To Have Read

There are books that carry a certain amount of prestige, either due to their popularity or critical acclaim. These books are written by highly established and credible authors, and they are not only worth a read, they are considered some of the best books ever

Modern Books Which Will Be The Classics Of The Future

10 Modern Books Which Will Be The Classics Of The Future

To become a classic, a book has to be both critically acclaimed and popular, although there are always exceptions. To find modern books which will stand the toughest test, time, is a tough as it is difficult to look at modern looks impartially. The books