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Funny Books For Adults by TV & Internet Personalities.

Funny books for adults usually touch on serious subjects too.  These funny life anecdotes, almost biographies,  are written by very funny TV and internet personalities.  They will make you laugh out loud, even in the serious bits. Science tells us laughter is good for lowering blood


10 Best Ever Comedy Sci Fi Novels

Continued on from our last post we finish reviewing the best ever comedy sci fi novels. Laughter is healing.  Laughter is relaxing. Laughter lowers your blood pressure.  Laugh out loud with these funny novels. Give the gift of laughter this Christmas with a good book


10 Best Ever Sci Fi Comedy Novels

With Christmas around the corner, finding gifts for people who have everything can be hard. This book list of comedy Sci Fi (science fiction) will appeal to anyone with a sense of humor. Even for non-readers, good comedy novels are hard to go past. Add

Books To Cheer You Up

Best Books To Read When Feeling Down

A common question which gets asked by people who are feeling down or going through a difficult phase in their lives is: What are some good books to read to when you’re feeling down?   There are many books that have been recommended by doctors to people

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8 Laugh Out Loud Funniest Books Ever Written

Because these books are so funny, we recommend that you don’t read them in public, and if you do, we’re not responsible for the consequences. Here is a collection of incredibly funny books, which we think are the funniest books ever written. 8 Laugh Out