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violent books

6 Most Depraved, Gruesome, and Violent Books Ever Written

The books on this list are┬ádisturbing and unsettling.┬áThere is no winning when you read a book like this. If you don’t finish it, you’ll lose out, and if you do finish it, you’ll feel like you’ve lost. But, whatever doesn’t kill you surely makes you

best horror books

7 Greatest Non Supernatural Horror Novels

It’s difficult to imagine a book to be terrifying, but the great horror novels have the ability to make you sleep with the light on. A great horror novel is difficult to read, while at the same time being difficult to put down. These books

mind blowing books

The 10 Most “Mind Fuck” Books Ever Written

Mind altering, state shifting, world shaking books that leave you with an eerie feeling about the world and everything that you knew about it. These books will mess with your mind and induce a heavy dose of a mind fuck. 1. The Illuminatus! Trilogy –