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Little History books

A Little History to Improve Your Brain

A little history on a topic is all you need to give you a broad idea of what happened. You dont always need to read about something in depth. WhyToRead believes a broad knowledge base is a great help to a great brain. The series

Easter Books for Adults

Easter Books for Adults – a bit of history

There are a few times a year that we should stop and reflect on life a little. Or a lot.  Today we present some Easter Books for Adults for reflection. From devotional reading to more historical books. Some short stories by classical authors consider the


Middle East History – 5 Books You Must Read

Studying history or reading the history of other people’s, such as Middle East history books, can make us wiser in our public choices and more richly human in our private lives. Why? Because reading history books helps us understand people and societies.  Studying history is essential for good

Non-Fiction Graphic Novels

Best Selling Non-Fiction Graphic Novel 2016

No longer just comics for kids, a non-fiction graphic novel can contain a world of interesting information for anyone. Have you ever wondered if you could learn a difficult subject like economics?  Or have an interest in history, but unable to bare the dry tomes

history books

History Books: 15 Must Read Modern History Books

The history books on this list are a comprehensive study of modern history beginning with the 19th century globalization. They cover East Asia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, and the Middle East. For general history books, check out a previous post here. 15 Must

what is isis?

What Is ISIS? – 3 Must Read Guides About ISIS

What Is ISIS? The self proclaimed Islamic State (IS),otherwise know as ISIS (Islamic State in Syria and Iraq) have been wreaking havoc in the middle east for a number of years but they have been getting much more attention in 2014 due to their rapid

smart arse

4 Books That Will Make You A Smart-Arse

These books will make you see everyday subjects and issues in a whole new light, so you can go on and share them with your friends and become the insufferable smart-arse of the group. You’re welcome. 4 Books That Will Make You A Smart-Arse 1.

history books

5 General World History Books Everyone Must Read

These  world history books will give you a good general understanding of world history.  Compiled by history teachers and professors, you can be sure they are comprehensive and well researched. So, without further ado; 5 General World History Books Everyone Must Read 1. Why the West Rules–for

4 Compelling Non-Fiction War Books

4 Compelling Non-Fiction War Books

What follows is the 4 best non-fiction books about war, many of which have been turned into movies and TV shows. These war books are the most compelling that have ever been written. If you think we missed any, be sure to let us know in


5 Non-Fiction Pulitzer Prize Winning Must Read Books

Pulitzer Prize Winners The Pulitzer Prize for Non-Fiction is one of the seven Pulitzer Prizes that are annually awarded. They have been awarding the prize since 1917, and below we have compiled the best of the non-fiction winners that we believe are a must read