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Book Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas 2016 from WhyToRead

MERRY CHRISTMAS from  We’ll be back in the new year with lots more books lists on all your favorite topics. From Mystery and detective books to sci-fi to historical romance. Non-fiction will not be forgotten either with lists on philosophy, sociology, ancient history underway.


Why Reading Is Important

Today we recap Why Reading Is important with a review of past book lists dedicated to this subject. Reading is recognized as giving you so many benefits.  With the rise of technology and outsourcing of our brain to smartphones; those who can read and write

East Of Eden Book Wallpaper

10 Book Wallpapers Of The Greatest Books

WhytoRead is for book lovers, and as a book lover, you would love to have a wallpaper of your favorite book. Based on reader votes, we’re compiled a list of the best book related wallpapers. Let us know your suggestions for an upcoming post. 10

Reading Quotes

Reading Quotes: 8 Inspiring Quotes On Books And Reading

For when you need a little bit of inspiration to read, we went on the search for some inspiring reading quotes. From some of the most inspiring authors, here are 8 quotes about reading to inspire you to read more, which is exactly what

10 Best First Lines Of Novels

10 Best First Lines Of Novels

The beginning of a book is crucial in getting the reader hooked. It can leave you with an impression of the book which lasts throughout and it can plant a seed that lasts with you long after you’ve finished. These are the best first lines