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Best Sellers from Christmas 2015

Here’s some more best sellers from Christmas 2015. Like the Top 5 Christmas Best Sellers this list features a majority of mystery/thrillers; but also a true story, and a romance to round out your entertainment.

But clearly, we all like nothing better than curling up with a good book and a good mystery or thriller is best of all.  Curl up and ignore the cold vortex with these popular picks.

Best Sellers 2015 Christmas

(part 2)

6. Cross Justice (Alex Cross) – James Patterson

Best Sellers 2015 Christmas

As the 23rd entry of the Alex Cross crime novel series, Cross Justice is everything fans of the genre and series would expect; packed with action, drama, and crafty villains. The story follows the famous crime fighter trying to clear the name of his cousin, who was charged with a slew of crimes as part of a conspiracy. Long-time fans will also get a closer look into Cross’s background and upbringing, which will add more depth and dimension to the hero.

7. See Me – Nicholas Sparks

Best Sellers 2015 Christmas

He was a guy with anger management issue just getting his life together, while she was ambitious, hard working and the perfect daughter. Despite being total opposites, they met and fell in love. See Me is a classic tale of boy-meets-girl and opposites attract, with a touch of mystery and thriller. What makes it so easy to get hooked on this book is the memorable characters that you cant help but care about and want their romance to have a happy ending.

8. The Narrow Road to the Deep North – Richard Flanagan

Best Sellers 2015 Christmas

Based on the actual 1943 Thai-Burma death railway construction by prisoners of war under the command of the Japanese army, The Narrow Road to the Deep North gives a poignant account of real horrors through the eyes of fictional characters. Although it is a work of historical fiction, the dehumanizing atrocities are grimly and realistically depicted. It is one of those entertaining and imaginative novels that are also eye-opening and haunting.

9. The Best American Mystery Stories 2015 – James Patterson & Otto Penzler

Best Sellers 2015 Christmas

We bet you will rediscover a love for short fiction with this anthology compiled by crime fiction author James Patterson (yes the same one at No6 above) and editor, Otto Penzler. This 2015 collection features 20 stories that cover the various extremes of criminal behavior imaginable, penned by masters of the genre. That is 20 fast-paced, surprisingly twisted mystery tales for some daily light reading.

10. Point Blank (Sisterhood) – Fern Michaels

Best Sellers 2015 Christmas

The sisterhood is a group of female vigilantes who always stand together. In Point Blank, the daughter of a Sisterhood member goesmissing from her school in China, and the other members and the men in their lives band together to find her. Michaels’s Sisterhood series always delivers on exciting action and adventure-filled plot, with strong female characters – even if they are a little reality-defying and over the top. Nonetheless, the book is entertaining escapism reading; just suspend reality for a moment and enjoy the thrill ride.