Month: October 2017

How to Be a Manly Man – 8 Books for Manly Men

What does it mean to be a manly man?  How do you become a manly man?  What about honor, chivalry and heroism?  This book list will help both Men and Women understand what it means to be a man, masculinity and manhood.  From Roman Honor to religious leaders each book covers a different perspective on being a man.  Each book has an idea worth modelling or absorbing into your life. These are books for the man looking to understand or improve himself and for ladies wanting to help their man be more manly.  Buy one for your favorite man...

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Great Gothic Romance Novels

Does the genre Gothic Romance bring up images of haunted castles? Supernatural horror stories? Dark Mysteries?  Damsels in distress? Then read on as this short review book list will cover all these and more.  Most of these books were published several decades ago and may be out of print. They are well worth hunting down a second hand copy so you can curl up for Halloween and feed your inner Frankenstein. Great Gothic Romance Novels 1. Nine Coaches Waiting – Mary Stewart It can be said that Nine Coaches Waiting is a Gothic romance classic. It was first published...

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Spooky Books for Halloween

Do you like to read spooky books at Halloween? What sort of spooky books do you prefer? This list of short book reviews includes ghost stories, Gothic and historical fiction, right through to true horror stories.  Hide inside, be scared, be entertained but keep reading. Spooky Books for Halloween – short reviews 1. The Secret History – Donna Tartt Richard Papen and his group of intellectual friends, fascinated by old Greek philosophy, are trying to cover up a murder someone they knew committed. When Bunny Corcoran is overwhelmed by the secret, the group eliminates him. This is not only...

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