Month: May 2017

A Little History to Improve Your Brain

A little history on a topic is all you need to give you a broad idea of what happened. You dont always need to read about something in depth. WhyToRead believes a broad knowledge base is a great help to a great brain. The series A Little History books do just that.  Give you a little history summary on a wide range of topics. Perfect. 1. A Little History of the World – E.H. Gombrich A Little History of the World, written by Gombrich who has a doctorate in history, is focused on the human experience and not on...

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Easy Philosophy Books – Getting Started in 2017

Easy Philosophy Books for 2017. Thinking about philosophy is something we all do whether you realize it or not.   Over a coffee or over a beer we use our mind to philosophize – that is ponder life, the universe and everything.  At WhyToRead we think reading is one of the most important things you can do for your mind.  Get started reading easy philosophy books and develop your mind and expand your thinking. 1. Letters from A Stoic – Seneca Seneca was Roman Stoic philosopher from period of late Stoic philosophy. He lived from circa 4 BC till...

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Exciting Hot Romance Books for Spring

Spring is in the air. Love is in the Air. Hot romance is definitely in the air. Enjoy some exciting hot romance books this spring. 1. Mount! – Jilly Cooper Rupert puts aside his obsession for Love Rat, his prized stallion, when Gala, a Zimbabwean widow who is taking care of his father, enters the picture. Mount! has many themes that keep you glued to the pages. There is the horse racing aspect that opens the door to a world that not many are familiar with. There is the family saga dynamic that is interesting and full of drama....

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