Month: January 2017

Logic Books Will Teach You How To Argue.

New year, new arguments.  Read these logic books to learn how to put together a solid argument. Logic Books will help you improve your English language skills and learn to overcome fallacies too?  English and logic dont always go together, however this list will help you develop a consistent, logical argument anywhere. 1. An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments – Ali Almossawi Do you want to learn how to create flawless logical argument? Don’t know where to begin? Then you need to read An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments. The cute pictures (illustrations) of small errors in reasoning chosen...

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Feminist Books Read by Emma Watson

WhyToRead kicks off 2017 with a review of some feminist books from Emma Watson’s (of Harry Potter fame) reading list of 2016. Emma is a noted feminist and interested in women’s rights. Some books may be a bit radical for your taste, some will be enjoyed by everyone.  Strong women, success stories, overcoming challenges are always interesting and provide opportunity to learn something. Remember, reading something a bit different is good for the brain.  What’s good for the brain keeps us alive. 1. My Life on the Road – Gloria Steinem Gloria Steinem is well known as a feminist,...

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