Month: November 2016

Funny Historical Romance Books Xmas 2016

The only thing better than historical romance at WhyToRead is funny historical romance novels. Who didn’t laugh and enjoy the witty repartee of Elizabeth and Darcy (Pride and Prejudice). Georgette Heyer is another historical romance writer well known for her humorous situations and dialog.  Today this list introduces you to more funny historical romance writers. Some of these books are a bit hotter than Pride and Prejudice, but with the humor still prevalent worth a read by the most conservative. 1. Compromised – Kate Nobel What does a lady do when her sister is found in a compromising position...

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Best Sci Fi Detective Stories to Read

Sci Fi is a very popular genre on  As are detective/thriller books.  Today our review list show cases some of the best ever sci fi detective novels ever written.  Plunge into the future with robots, androids, personality chips and lots of murders to solve. 1. The Caves of Steel – Isaac Asimov First in the Isaac Asimov’s Robot series The Caves of Steel introduces an unusual partnership between a New York City detective Elijah Baley and a humanoid robot R. Daneel Olivaw. These two are forced to work together after prominent Spacer, Dr. Roj Nemennuh Sarton, is murdered....

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Best Cultural Anthropology Books 2016

Cultural Anthropology sounds difficult but is actually very interesting.  In the study of human kind, the cultural differences that make us who we are and what we are can be subtle or overwhelming.  These cultural anthropology books are some of the most popular in 2016.  They cover a wide range of topics, from the tragic story of Lia, a Hmong child in America; to elite athletes and learning to run. Read these books and learn some cultural anthropology without trying too hard.  You’ll benefit in several areas from our list of 10 Reasons Why reading is important, including smarter,...

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Political Thrillers: 7 To Read Before Election Day 2016

Political Thrillers seem appropriate this week. With the BIG DAY coming up soon, we can only guess at the behind the scenes intrigues, power plays and power deals going on. But we can enjoy some of the best writers of political thrillers without being part of one.   We even feature the possibility of the first women President of the United States.  At we usually think of science fiction forecasting the future; but in this case… who knows. 1. A Devil Is Waiting – Jack Higgins As the President is coming to London, a mullah is inciting local Muslims...

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