Month: October 2016

DIY Halloween Costumes, fake blood and Decorations

Halloween is just around the corner.  DIY Halloween costumes, decorations and fake blood can all add to your Halloween fun.   Did you ever want to know how to make fake blood?  Simple baby costumes that wont scare the other young ones? With these guides, you’ll be in the spirit of things in no time. Why do we dress up at Halloween? And what is the origin of Halloween? The history of Halloween is generally considered a hybrid of Pagan, Celtic, Catholic and ancient Roman traditions from as long ago as 800BC. Halloween, or “All Hallows Eve” is a holiday celebrating the saints,...

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6 Manifesting Money Books to Get Rich Quick

We’re in the final quarter of the year – so how are your money goals shaping up? Are you manifesting money easily? Our list of manifesting money books includes a FREE resource to read now. There are so many “Get Rich” books out there that is refreshing to come across someone who cuts the to chase.  Someone who deals with real life problems and helps you overcome them.  Denise Duffield-Thomas, aka “Lucky Bitch”, is one such lady and incredible money mindset mentor.  Her earthy how-to approach has helped thousands move forward in their personal finances and business enterprises. Lets...

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