Month: September 2016

Top Books – 2016 Best Sellers

Top Books 2016 reviews a broad range of books that have topped the charts this year.  WhyToRead likes lists like this to help broaden our reading. Of course, many books top the charts during the year, so we have picked out some that stood out for us so far.  Be brave and read something from a new genre.  You just might love it. 1. Before the Fall – Noah Hawley When an aeroplane full of influential people crashes off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, questions start floating to the surface.There are only two survivors: a down on his luck painter...

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A Romance Novel or Two for the Weekend

This list of romance novel to brighten your weekend includes viking romance, Scottish romance, regency romance and even good old New York Romance.  Broaden your history knowledge. Cosy up in the cooler autumn weather.  They’re as good excuses as any to read a romance novel. Viking Romance Novels 1. Odin’s Shadow – Erin S Riley Odin’s Shadow follows the story of headstrong Selia as she pines to join the Vikings in 19th century Ireland. When her father tries to marry her off to a nobleman, she knows that the sea is her only way out.  After meeting and later marrying...

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Biggest Tech Companies – 7 Must Read Books

The biggest tech companies today define our world.  Tech companies with hardware or software, like Apple, Facebook and Google.   Shopping giants like Amazon, Groupon,  Gilt and Zappos where the technology has made them what they are and is just as important as their products. These books written from the inside will inspire, and educate on where we are going next. 7 Biggest Tech Companies 1. Delivering Happiness – Tony Hsieh (Zappos) Shoes delivered, every girls dream! The book about the founding story of the world’s largest online shoe store is more of a biography of its founder. There is...

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