Month: August 2016

9 More Historical Romance Books

It’s no surprise romance books are the biggest genre.  With so many settings, almost every book can be a romance (even Harry Potter. Well, maybe not). Our fascination with other times and cultures is well suited to a romance story. The social interaction, manners and cultural constraints between characters key to the historical romance books success. TMI? Just looking for good historical romance books? Then Read On. 1. Texas Destiny – Lorraine Heath Book 1 of 3. Being a mail order bride is no glamorous life. When Amelia Carson is bought by Dallas Leigh, a strange man in Fort Worth,...

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Best Non-Fiction Books of 2016

Well written Non-Fiction Books can offer something of both fantasy and fact. A good memoir like Lab Girl will entertain whilst educating you. Grunt will teach you science whilst you laugh. Reading a few non-fiction books outside our field should be on everyone’s to do list. The best breakthroughs come from cross-subject insights. Learn something in a new field today with our choice of the Best Non-Fiction books of 2016 so far. 1. Lab Girl – Hope Jahren Women in science are still rare, but those that don a lab coat every day are pretty amazing. Lab Girl follows...

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Great Olympics Books to Read

It has been an amazing week already with several countries winning their first ever medals! These Olympics books will feed your games fever long after the last medal is given out.  From the complete Olympic book, greek and olympic history to individual stories you will be uplifted and more knowledgeable.  Always handy for trivia nights. Share the Olympic fever with your kids too, with a great Baby Professor book of Olympic Sports.  Adults will likely learn a thing or to at the same time. 1. Olympic Sports: When and How – Baby Professor Introduce your kids to the Olympics...

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Science Fiction Erotic Classics

Science fiction has long strained the boundaries of our imaginations. Throw in some erotica and literally anything is possible. These Classic Science Fiction Erotic novels might be older, but the stories still excite and amuse. 1. Slave Girl of Gor – John Norman Think of a world where men are kings and women are there for their pleasure. The Gor series is a staple read for many in the BDSM community and this tantalizing novel is no different. When Judy Thorton is abducted and wakes up on the planet Gor, her life is changed forever. Expect bondage, adventurous sex...

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YA Fiction Adults Will Love

Do you have a hidden secret?  Do you enjoy young adult (YA fiction) and children’s books more than you ‘ought’?  Perhaps this is because good children’s books have an atmosphere that is rarely found in adult novels. Children’s literature often deals openly with the most transcendent themes such as the battle between good and evil and the supreme power of love.  These books dont gloss over the horror and fascination of evil, but in the end, in even the most realistic novels, good triumphs. More often, adult novels focus on guilt, hypocrisy, perversion of good intentions, fate, social criticism,...

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