Month: May 2016

Spiritual Leadership Books

Starting with the Dalai Lama, the Watkins Spiritual 100 list is a whos who of spiritual leadership today. WhyToRead has been reviewing a top book by each leader. This list, 3rd in our series, starts with Number 15 – Arianna Huffington; best known for Huffington Post. Read these spiritual leadership books by a leader who has made a unique and spiritual contribution to our world. Celebrate the positive and give yourself a lift. We guarantee you will feel uplifted and positive after reading these. And as always reading widely, including other faiths is a key benefit of reading. 15....

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Best Mind Bending Sci Fi Books

Mind Bending Sci Fi is something we love at WhyToRead. Science fiction has always pushed the boundaries of what is. Technology leaps, social structures, privacy (or no privacy), aliens – they can all challenge our lifestyle, our comfort zone and life as we know it.  But scarily, the past has shown that mind bending sci fi can become reality (think apple watches!).  So the issues raised by in these ‘fiction’ books are worth consideration today. Today we review our top 5:- Best Mind Bending Sci Fi books 1. The Light of Other Days – Stephen Baxter & Arthur C...

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