Month: April 2016

Best John Grisham Books

John Grisham is a highly successful, best selling author of (mostly) legal thrillers. He draws on his professional life as an attorney, politician and activist. Best John Grisham books lists abound and vary wildly with personalities. This Best John Grisham Books list by WhyToRead is our list of  our favorites. Lawyers turned rogue, crazy families, small towns, big towns and even a baseball rookie – these books have it all. 1. Sycamore Row (The Jake Brigance) For those who enjoyed Grisham’s A Time to Kill, Sycamore Row is sort of a loose sequel that brings back many of the...

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Best Military Sexy Novels

We all like a bit of romance in our lives. So military sexy novels with romance, suspense and bit of erotica has to be even better. Surely. Join with us in trying these sexy novels in the military flavor each part of a series that will titillate you for hours.  (If vampires are more your thing, we completely understand and suggest you try this list instead.) 5 of the Best Military Sexy Novels 1. Mine To Take (volume 1)– Cynthia Eden If you are a fan of Cynthia Eden or just someone who likes a little dark romance, then Mine...

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5 Science Books For General Interest

You may not have thought about reading science books since you have left school, yet we actually make countless science-based choices each day. Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are increasingly recognized as critical skills for our country. STEM is the foundation of an innovative culture and can be found at the core of significant political decisions. It is also also important to our individual economic well-being and quality of life. In managing our healthy and well being, an understanding of science plays a key role. Science can also be found in history, geography, philosophy, physical education, the arts...

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Why Reading Is Important

Today we recap Why Reading Is important with a review of past book lists dedicated to this subject. Reading is recognized as giving you so many benefits.  With the rise of technology and outsourcing of our brain to smartphones; those who can read and write effectively will succeed greater than those who cannot. But being able to read and write effectively is not a preset  destiny.  You can change your brain by learning new things.  So it stands to reason that you can learn to read.  Learn to write.  Learn to communicate much more effectively. 10 Books Lists show Why Reading...

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Influential Spiritual Books 2016

WhyToRead continues to review the most influential spiritual books from the Top 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People of 2016 (Watkins Magazine). Read these books to uplift your spirit, stretch your spiritual comfort zone or simply be aware of major influences in our world today. For more spiritual books by Leaders 1-7 click here. Spiritual Books by Leaders 8-14 8. The Secret/ The Magic / The Power – Rhonda Byrne Byrne’s three-book series centers on the Law of Attraction and how our thoughts can be used to bring about what we desire. The Secret introduces the concept of the...

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