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Books That Will Blow You Away

12 Outstanding Books That Will Blow You Away

A list of great books that will not only blow you away, like the title suggests, but these books¬†are also thought provoking and their impact stays with you long after you’ve read the book. Any genre of literature can fit into this category and as

Best Adult Vampire Books

11 Best Adult Vampire Books

These are the best adult vampire books, meaning they are worth reading as apposed to the majority of the books which fall into the vampire horror genre. These vampire books are not marketed to the young adult audience and either a part of a series

best books of the 20th century

14 Best Books of the 20th Century

The 20th Century was one of the most vibrant and innovative centuries for literature. With two world wars, recessions, natural disasters and other monumental world events, as well as the usual human events of love and loss were all felt during a century of dramatic technological