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20th Century Dystopian Novels to Read

The Dystopia theme has undergone a revival in recent years with a spate of dystopian movies such as Hunger Games, Maze Runner and Divergent.  Many recent dystopian movies originated with a novel, or series; resulting in a series of movies, usually spawned from the book


Top 10 Modern Philosophy Books of 2015

This list of top 10 selling modern philosophy books may seem a little random at times. Its been said you dont read philosophy books, you delve into them to help you answer questions about life, reality, knowledge, values, reason and more. So this varied list of the

Halloween Kids Books

10 Halloween Kids Books For All Ages

With Halloween almost here, bedtime stories are definitely taking on a ‘spooky’ direction. No matter what age, reading to children in bed is a special bonding time for parents as well as an educational opportunity. Younger readers love pictures and rhymes whilst older readers can

Celebrity Biographies

5 Celebrity Autobiographies – all walks of life

The benefits of reading autobiographies, memoirs and diaries include the opportunity to learn valuable life lessons.  Some celebrities write autobiographies to simply promote themselves.  Other celebrities want to share life changing experiences with us.  And some people become celebrities through writing their autobiography. These celebrities

Books for Halloween

Books for Halloween – costumes and fake blood!

With Halloween just around the corner, WhyToRead thought we would get into the party spirit and suggest some great DIY books for Halloween costumes for those who have left their costume design to the last minute!  Time to roll up your sleeves and get busy ‘cooking’,

books to read before bed

6 Books To Read Before Bed

When you’re trying to relax or wind down from the day, reading a good book before bed is better for your brain than watching TV or playing with your phone. Whether you read for fun or to learn, what you read before bed is far


Young Adult Books – 3 Fantasy Epics For Everyone

“Young Adult” is not a genre, but simply a marketing niche. Young adult books tend to be fast paced, frequently first person and feature teen protagonists (although the villain is likely to be adult).Young adult novels cover all genres, from space opera to serial killers,